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Empowering your team

By EMN Updated: Mar 23, 2014 1:16 am

Fr. T.O.  Sebastian

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost managers receive very little training on management. They rose to the position of manager by their own efforts and achievements. Only thing they know is the way they did and it worked. When such people occupy the position of managers, what they do is to demand from their staff to do it “my way”. “I know that my way has brought me to success and therefore my way will not fail”. This type of management requires very close supervision from the manager. At every step the manager should be present to ensure the faithfulness to his system. It leaves no room for the manager for any other activities, nor does it leave any room for any single employee to tryout his way. .There is also another way of doing the managerial task. It takes people into confidence and defines the task for each one. The manager sets goals and boundaries for each employee and he assures that they have the tools and the necessary conditions required to achieve their goals.
The manager assists each employee to achieve his success. In other words these managers allow their employees to achieve their goals in their own way. The employees are successful in as much as they achieve their goals without going out of bounds. This system allows much more freedom and flexibility both to the employees and to the manager. There will be more spontaneity and creativity in this system. There will be much more satisfaction among the employees for every success is their own success. The employees truly take pride in the achievements of their company because they feel that they have personally contributed to the success of their company.
If a manager has to decide every decision however small, the manager becomes fully busy with his super-vision task. The employees only do is to consult the manager for every little thing. The manager applies his mind for everything and for everybody. The employees are safe. They do not take any risk.
Can this manager relax for a moment or take a holiday without tension and worry? It may be that you have performed well as an employee and the company promoted you to the position of a manager. Being an efficient worker is quite different from being a manager. Management is essentially dealing with people and establishing good relationships. In this area most employees are unskilled and untrained. Today companies do not import managers. Instead candidates are picked up from the company itself and trained to be managers. Usually people with natural ability and ingenuity to coach and motivate people are selected. These candidates are trained and coached to acquire new skills and knowledge that will make them more effective in their role as managers. Then they are drilled in the management process itself. They are given as much training and support as required.
It is tested and ensured that the managerial, candidates have the clarity of the company’s vision, communication skills and commitment. These factors are essential and critical to the companies future. To-day the managers cannot do everything and become an employee in the company. Instead the manager needs time to work on the company. Therefore a winning manager empowers every member of his staff to do his job by coaching, encouraging and guiding. You become an efficient manager when all your employees are empowered to achieve the goals with excellence.

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