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Employees write to government

By EMN Updated: Dec 06, 2014 12:44 am

With due respect and humble submission, we the undersigned employees Associations of School Education would like to bring the following facts for considerations and immediate necessary action in the interest of the whole department.
1. That Sir, the entire employees of the department were grossly affected by the notification dated 21st July’2011 passed by the Government of Nagaland resulting some major defective clauses of the notification was challenged by some of the affected Officers based on the discrimination for promotional avenue for deserved employees.2. That Sir, the Hon’ble High Court identified that justice has not been done while maintaining the cadre in the channel of promotion for different categories of employees. Accordingly the Hon’ble High Court has given freedom/ Liberty to protest/ Agitate for justice which prove the major defective of revamping and re-structure of the department.
3. That Sir, there is injustice meted out to many category of employees by the exercise of the notification dated 21st July 2011 affecting adversely fro promotional avenue inspite of possession equal qualification and the entry point in service are in same grade.
4. That Sir, due to affirmation defectives administration structure of the department and unreasonable reservation of promotional post for few categories of employees the department cannot function smoothly inviting administrative problems of whole department.
In this circumstance, we request for immediate exercise of reviewing the re-structure of the department 2011 maintaining the balanced in the channel of promotion for deserving categories of employees. We hope that the Government will take up the matter and do judiciously to avoid discrimination and bring out desire changes in the department.

Vice President
Nagaland Govt. Hr. Sec. School Association (NGHSSA)

Nagaland Physical Education Teacher Association (NPETA)

All Nagaland Hindi Teacher Association (ANHTA)

Officers Association Text Book Production Branch (OATBPB)

By EMN Updated: Dec 06, 2014 12:44:06 am