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Embattled polytechnic continues to suffer from antisocial elements

By EMN Updated: Jun 25, 2019 12:32 am
This image issued on Monday by Khelhoshe Polytechnic in Atoizu of Zunheboto district shows what seems to be a partially tampered safe. The institute reported on Monday a robbery attempt by unidentified individuals.

Dimapur, June 24 (EMN): The Khelhoshe Polytechnic in Atoizu of Zunheboto district is in the news again, this time for what the institute reported on Monday was a robbery attempt.

The institute had been in the news even in the recent past with regular reports of theft and extortion, among others, reported from it.

The institute issued a press release to the media on Monday informing about the recent event. The press release did not mention when the incident happened.

A robbery attempt was made on the institute’s administrative block by unknown individuals who ransacked the rooms, the press release stated.

“This appears to be an aftermath of the first phase of student’s admission which concluded on Friday, 21st June 2019. This incident must have taken place either on the 22nd or the 23rd June 2019 as it was noticed only on the morning hour of 24th June 2019,” the institution stated.

“This is not a fresh or an unfamiliar incident but it has been happening many times again and again. Even during regular semester sessions, the faculty and students have always been under the threat of being robbed. It is very demoralizing to state that such antisocial beings have no remorse stealing even utensils and undergarments of others.”

The statement expressed disappointment that many similar incidents of robbery have been reported to the authorities yet criminal activities against the institute has become regular.

Another matter of concern the press release stated was that of Khelhoshe Polytechnic being in the process of an upgrade to a degree level institute. For the upgrade, the institute stated, the polytechnic institution needs to fulfil many criteria, one of which is infrastructure.

“The government/authority is tirelessly working to fulfil these criteria but time and again damaging of govt. properties, constant theft of laboratory equipment to name a few is so rampant that upgradation is far from being materialized practically,” the press release stated.

In this regard, the authority has pursued land settlement many times to provide for proper security and a boundary to thwart antisocial elements and to provide a healthy educational environment. But its efforts have been to no avail, the press release stated.

“Also in this regard several appeals has been made to the govt. for police outpost in the institute but so far nothing has been materialized.”

The institution has urged right thinking citizens to condemn the criminal activity and to work together to “throw out such antisocial elements from our society.” The polytechnic requested also that the authorities prosecute the ‘culprits’ at the earliest.

By EMN Updated: Jun 25, 2019 12:32:54 am
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