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Eliminate electoral malpractices: CIC

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2014 12:21 am


Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Nagaland Lalhuma today said the elimination of electoral malpractices is imperative for bringing about electoral reforms.
He said electoral malpractices are like the disease of cancer- if the disease is not detected and cured, it will advance and spread and become more dangerous. He asserted that in order to bring about electoral reform, the people will have to find out at what stage the malpractices have reached. “Once the prognosis is clear, unethical practices can be addressed individually,” he said.The CIC was speaking on the 4th National Voters’ Day programme held at Hotel Japfü, Kohima on Saturday.
While highlighting booth capturing, warning against backlash etc. as some most common unethical electoral practices which are exercised not just in Nagaland but across the country, Lalhuma observed that incorrect electoral roll is a major setback for a clean election. He said the foundation of electoral roll has to be very strong and accurate electoral rolls have to be ensured from the grassroots. “People’s participation at every level is important,” he said.
Stating that Nagas have a resilience for good things, the CIC opined that taking advantage of this attribute, they should be convinced that free and fair elections are good for the people. For this, he said NGOs, students, church organizations and the youth of Nagaland need to give concerted efforts with a “missionary zeal” and reach out to every citizen. He stated that the people have to be convinced about the maladies in the election process and they should be able to acknowledge that whatever has been going on is morally wrong.

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2014 12:21:05 am