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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Election Manifestos and Development in Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2024 11:53 pm

The recent Lok Sabha and Urban Local Body (ULB) elections have culminated, leaving the public of Nagaland in a state of eager anticipation as promised by their elected leaders. The Election was enthusiastic at the same time horrendous as Nagas kept quarrelling and fighting among us. The sole purpose was that everyone was fighting for the right leaders. Every Naga wants development, peace and security. However, in the electoral process, certain conflict arises as people have different tastes and opinions.

Naga society is a cluster of various tribes, languages, and worldviews. In the decision-making process, different political parties, individuals and their ideologies collide. Tribalism, groupism, clanism, wardism, and regionalism play an important role in the Naga politics. All these diverse and blended politics invite opposition, rivalries, and create commotion in society. Election is competitive and the mighty always triumph. India is a democratic nation and it tends to favour the majoritarian. The minority is often marginalised and their rights are suppressed despite the constitutional provision. However, all these political gimmicks formulate the election lively and vigorous keeping the nation intact and dynamic.

Every Naga is yearning and longing for peace and development. Sadly, we are still lagging far behind the advanced world. There is a lack of proper infrastructure and advancement such as roads, airports, railways, hospitals, and educational institutions, etc. Our neighbouring states are advancing, however, despite numerous elections and changes of leadership; we remain less progressive and incompetent. There is something wrong with the system and Nagas have to undress the real issue and give the right treatment. Nagaland is known as the “Switzerland of the East” whereas apart from the natural beauty we are far behind the actual Switzerland. Many Nagas often dream of going to big cities and abroad considering the advancement and opportunities. This would not be necessary if Nagaland is well equipped and developed like the advanced world.

During the election, every candidate comes out with beautiful manifestos which are quite impressive and convincing. But, despite all those party’s visions, policies, and promises we remain stagnant and underdeveloped. The developments we often see are those private bungalows, parks, and luxury cars. Nagaland would have been a developed and top-notch state in India if all the leaders were faithful and honest. It would have been a centripetal state attracting bright students, and skilled people from around the globe. Whereas, in reality, all the bright students and educated unemployed youths are driven away from their hometowns and beloved families in search of better education and opportunities. Thus, the dreams and future of the youngsters are shaken and put at risk. Those unemployed youths roam around the towns and cities jeopardising their family and society. So, where are the Nagas heading? Are we heading towards damnation, poverty, and unemployment? Every Naga cannot become a government employee as we already have excessive government servants.

So, where are our leaders and what are they doing? Did they contest the election with the right motive to uplift society or for personal gain, fun and enjoyment? Have not the public voted for you with the expectation of bringing development and better change? Where are your promises and the beautiful manifestos read almost in every nook and corner? Have the pastor’s and believers’ prayers gone in vain? Nagaland being a Christian state cannot remain a failed state. It simplifies our shallowness and the poor state of faith in God and action. It is time for every Naga leader to be serious and stand for the truth. Corruption is rampant due to negligence, greed and selfishness.

The appropriate use of public funds can serve the public by fulfilling its purposes. Misuse of public funds will only invite societal repercussions and divine retribution upon the perpetrators and their families. Accumulated wealth makes no sense as a curse always follows. One cannot find peace and prosperity despite abundant wealth and money. As Proverbs 13:11 says, “Dishonest money dwindles, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” Proverbs 22:16 says, “One who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and one who gives gifts to the rich—both come to poverty.” Proverbs 21:6 says, “A fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapour and a deadly snare.” Therefore, the Bible is clear and it is practical. No one can escape the judgment of the Supreme Being who is both omnipotent and omniscient.

A leadership election is a mandate to serve the people rather than personal enrichment. The commitment and promises before people and God must be respected and obligated. An honest and true leader is recognised by their deeds and not merely words. Nagas are profoundly influenced by colonial and national politics, leading to the erosion of their originality. Equality, justice, kindness, and communal spirits have become the past glory. Nagas must re-cultivate the traditional ethics of love, honesty, and sincerity. In this manner, the Nagas can stand proud, displaying their uniqueness while advancing with the rest of the world.

Election Manifestos and Development in Nagaland should be intrinsically linked. Regardless of the number of elections and length of manifestos, it is meaningless without implementation. Nagas would have gone the extra mile if all the leaders worked with honesty and sincerity. However, even after six decades of Statehood, we are still dreaming of the actual Switzerland and not this underdeveloped, muddy and slippery Switzerland.

To see Nagaland progress, every Naga has to be exceptional in one’s profession. Be it a politician, bureaucrat, sportsperson, or auto-driver, the dignity of labour with pride and honesty is a must. One must sacrifice with a heart and mind to serve the nation selflessly. Nagas can prosper in abundance if we cultivate and practice honesty with diligence. It is time to witness extensive development in every sector leading the Nagas to the global platform. Therefore, our future lies in our hands and no alien or Jesus would bring any development unless we unite and work in truth and obedience to our call.

Paul N Rengma,



By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2024 11:53:11 pm
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