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Ed Sheeran makes ‘Game of Thrones’ debut

By IANS Updated: Jul 17, 2017 7:34 pm

Singer Ed Sheeran made his “Game of Thrones” debut in season seven premiere.

The “Castle on the hill” singer appeared 39 minutes into the episode when his unnamed character’s voice caught the attention of young Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) as she was riding through the forest. It aired on July 16.

“For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm,” Sheeran’s character croons while sitting fireside with a group of soldiers who have stopped to have a bite to eat before heading to The Riverlands, reports etonline.com.

“It’s a pretty song, I’ve never heard it before,” Arya says.

“It’s a new one,” Sheeran retorts.

Last month, he spoke about the cameo on the popular show.

“I haven’t seen it yet! I just know the scene I did, I did with Maisie, and it’s decent. I like it,” Sheeran said.

“Nothing exciting happens in this scene, we just have a conversation and that’s kind of it.”

Sheeran also admitted that he feels his cameo “has been build up too much”.

“People will just be like, ‘Oh… oh, all right’,” he joked.

“It’s not an integral part of it, at all. I’m just like, in it.”


By IANS Updated: Jul 17, 2017 7:34:20 pm
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