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By EMN Updated: Mar 04, 2014 11:21 pm

Response to Khekiye K Sema

I am hereby concisely responding to the questions of Khekiye K. Sema a retired servant of the Government of India,w the aggressor on March 3, 2014 in local dailies, Nagaland.
The Naga National Council (NNC) which was founded by the Naga people on 2nd February, 1946 to safeguard the Sovereign Independence and freedom of the Naga people as a Nation is unchanged. There is no prefix or suffix and there is no plus or minus of the “NNC”. Any educated Naga or the one who senselessly accepts all the fake things as original or all the fictitious written papers as real is mad. Such persons often created problems in the Naga societies and troubled even the Naga Nation.

W. Thiumai Chawong
NNC Member

In appreciation for news coverage ‘School children enrollment in Nagaland 98.8%’

Dear Madam,
Thank you for highlighting education by covering Aser 2013 with ‘School children enrollment in Nagaland 98.8%’, March 2, 2014. Besides coverage, making it the lead story creates awareness and concern about the status of education in our state. Elementary education is foundational and the quality imparted to our children reflects on our society and future generations. Thanks also to your reporter Temshinaro for attending the press meet held at our Pratham office on March 1.
M. Haralu, Pratham Aser Nagaland

Hazi Park committee appeals
The Hazi Park Welfare Committee (Hongkong Market) is one of the oldest body working for the welfare of the business community of the area established in the year 1978. We have been extending co-operation and support to all organisations over the years and have been working with mutual understanding and brotherhood.
With the passage of time, demands for donations have increased manifold and it seems our Naga brothers are running short of manpower to execute their evil designs. Hence, it has been seen that the non-locals particularly Bangladeshis are being employed to go for the collection drive and they are doing their part with scant respect for even us Nagas. Since in majority of the cases Sumis are involved and I myself being a Sumi, I would plead to all those who use these illegal immigrants to desist from this practice as there is always a threat that they may one day end up as victims of their own designs.
I. Pihoto Awomi
President, Hazi Park Welfare Committee

 Sumi Council lauds DC and DTO

The Sumi Council, Dimapur would like to extend its appreciation to the D.C. Dimapur and the D.T.O. Dimapur for taking the decision to enforce the rule to make it mandatory for the auto-drivers to wear uniforms. This move will ensure that unscrupulous elements are checked and unwanted incidents are curbed and provide safety and security to commuters.The Council further appeals to the DDADU to extend co-operation and support to the administration and implement this order with sincerity and dedication. As demanded by many organisations, the Sumi Council is also of the opinion that names should be displayed along with numbers assigned to each driver on the shirt front. This will ensure that in case of any untoward incidents, the driver can be easily identified and action initiated accordingly.
Kuhoi Zhimo
Chairman, Sumi Council, Dimapur

Congratulatory note to NSCB
The Nagaland State Co-Operative Bank Ltd, the pillar for socio-economic steadfastness of rural masses, having successfully journeyed 47 years of service in the State, I congratulate all the valued stakeholders of the bank: the co-operative societies, the bank employees and the State Government for their continual wholehearted support. The commitment made in the ‘annual report of directors for 2012-13’ presented to the august house in the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NSCB, the Bank is “confident that the entire process (core banking solution: CBS) will be completed by March 2014” is worth acknowledging. This has been a long felt need of the customers and very much the expectation of Bank regulatory body – the RBI. It is vividly clear that early operation on CBS platform will create a great leap of growth in its business apart from the fund flow from the World Bank (WB) funded programme implementation – the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), to the Bank. The vision of the mission being to reduce poverty by enabling credit linkage to every household through women Self Help Groups (SHGs).
Furthermore, I would also appeal the employees of our local Bank to keep it up on customer care service and win every heart thereby becoming the rural champion.
Rajuselie Lhousa
Former VC, NSCB

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