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“I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies” John 11:25
When the morning dawn comes than with the good news of Resurrection, everything changed of the world’s history. “The resurrection is rooted in history, grounded in Scripture, and confirmed by experience”!
The simple truth about Jesus: Resurrection is the basis on which Christians stands and falls. The Resurrection is the unshakable ROCK of Christian evidences. Resurrection has the power to GIVE LIFE to the death! Resurrection is the greatest POWER in the world outside of the power of prayer. – Wow to JESUS…!!The context of Women in the Resurrection – The women folks are devastating to lose (Jesus) the man (Jesus) who came to bring comforts, rights and the values in women. Jesus lifted up the spirits of womanhood everywhere He goes. Women’s also have played the important role in the life and ministry of Jesus. Especially the most significance after the Resurrection, allowed the women-folks to become the first witness (first missionary in context) of the world’s greatest history.
Women were address as the “Wife of men” but it is called wo-men, “women” today with the same importance as men in society, especially in the Christian world. Since the new Hope in the Resurrection of Christ, Jesus wants women to her perfection besides her husband. The women are the first witness to tell the transforming Good News of ‘Hope’ that changed the history forever. Women can become what her man makes them, and Jesus will surely appreciate when man treat their wives with love and respect. Jesus commanded men to love their wives, as Christ loves the church (His bride) unconditionally. Man, do you love your wife?
Today, women are given roles in every social activity not to be neglected by men’s dominated world. Women are what men had made them to become. There are women married away to their husband, they are not allowed even to demonstrate the gifts of God and talents for herself, to her family and even to her community. The fact is women can perform much better than many husbands but not given her a chance to play her games!
What is the ‘Significance of Sunday’ that influences the world? Is it because Sunday is declared as holiday universally, or what do you understand the true meaning and its significance?
“Sunday is NOT a holiday: as many understood, but it’s a ‘HOLY DAY”, the ‘Resurrection Day’ of our Lord Jesus. Christians called it as ‘Easter Sunday’. It was one the most significant day in the world history, especially to Christianity. And “Christmas Day, and the Good Friday are also the 2 most important “Holy Days!” It has a spiritual significance to keep the day Holy, as believers and followers of the living God. It is meant for the spiritual renewal unto the Lord. So, on Sunday it is to “Celebrate Jesus and HIM alone!” The most difficult question since creation was answered today on the “Easter Sunday”! The glorious day of Christian faith, because our Lord had risen from the death! Life on earth was hopeless, what next after death, was the most secret fear only Jesus can answer. Men began to see hope after the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Jesus was sent from God and by God, to restore and redeem back the broken relationship between God and men. He came to show men the way to God. “I am the Way the Truth and the Life…” John 14:6. “For God so loved the world…” John 3:16.
Jesus lived on earth for 33 years. He died for us on ‘Good Friday’ but rose again on the ‘Easter Sunday’ …the victorious, wow to JESUS!!! “Jesus was crucified to claim as the King of the Jews, but rose after 3 days, as the Savior of the whole world”. Jesus is indeed the “KING of kings and LORD of lords”. The word B-I-B-L-E: Behold – I – Bring – Life – Eternal, has the meaning of the Resurrection. He came to live, He live to die, and He die to live again, according to scripture. “Easter Sunday fulfills and answers all the promises of God.”
Knowing Jesus died and rose again is just like knowing a history, but believing and accepting His death and resurrection is our Salvation” – Dr. Lamkang
Sunday become the most significant day in the history of the church (Christianity) and also for the world! It is a ‘HOLY DAY’ to renew and revive our spiritual wellbeing. It always had been a Holy Day because it is the weekly reminder of Christ Resurrection from the dead on ‘First Day’ of the week. The practice of Christians assembling to praise and worship the risen Lord on Sunday dates back to the beginning of the Christian-Era! However, it was only in 321 A.D. that, Constantine, the Great Roman Emperor issued a decree that all works should cease on Sundays. It become more widespread and practice to other nations when the European countries conquered the other nations of the world. Especially, the British ruled nations (the Common Wealth Countries) in the world. No matter what you are, where you live, God must be your first priority on Sunday! The Hope for Eternity! The late Canon who dies of cancer at 51 years said, ‘No one can live well until he can die well.’ Paul wrote letter to the Thessalonians people who were worried about death. They were worried about their relatives and friends who had died and also presumably about themselves. What happens to them and us when we die?
So many people would say that no-one knows the answers to these questions but Paul writes, ‘We do not want you to be ignorant’ but we can find out the answers. Our hope lies in the return of Jesus Christ: there are over 300 references to the Second Coming in the New Testament. This is not simply a tale of when you die but rather the center of our Christian hope and it is fundamental to our thinking. It involves everything! A UNIQUE HOPE (1Thess.4:13): Christians have a unique hope. Paul writes, ‘we do not want you… to grieve like the rest, who have no hope.’ It is not wrong to grieve. Grief is important, and we should not suppress it, but the grief of the Christian is totally unlike that experienced by those who have no hope. It has been said that ‘other people see only a hopeless end, but the Christian rejoices in an endless hope.’
A CERTAIN FUTURE (1Thess.4:14): Hope in the Christian sense is no more human wishful thinking. It is not a pious hope, theoretical or speculative. It is not based on emotion, not is it a crutch. It is built on historical events. Jesus removes the sting of death on the cross as He bore the full horror of death on our behalf. We don’t have to face what He has already faced for us. Paul speaks of death as falling asleep and falling asleep is something to look forward to. We need not dread death because the next thing we will experience is waking up, and waking up in the presence of God and all those who have died in faith.
Jesus rose again and demonstrated conclusively that death is conquered. The resurrection is the guarantee of Christian hope. This total certainty is not arrogant because it is based not on anything we have done or will do but on what Jesus did and said.
A GLORIOUS ETERNITY (1Thess. 4:16-17) : We will be ‘with the Lord forever’, which is the Christian’s idea of bliss. There will be no illness, no crying or pain but only pure joy. This gives a new perspective to this life with all its trails, temptations and disappointments. We shall never again be parted from the Lord or from those we love. We will be caught up together with them. Paul writes, therefore, encourage each other with these words.
A SUDDEN JUDGEMENT (1Thess. 5:1-3): Various groups have tried to predict the timing of the Lord’s return. But Jesus, Peter, John, and Paul all tell us that He will come back like a thief 1Thess.5:5. We don’t know when this will be. But we do know that He will return. The point is that we must always be ready. There is a warning in this passage for those who reject Jesus. There is a dark side of our hope.
Paul speaks of destruction, no escape and wrath. These are solemn and serious words. But he writes to assure the Thessalonians that they have nothing to fear; but you are not in darkness. He assures them that they will not suffer wrath but will receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.
A TRANSFORMED LIFE (1Thess.5:4-11): Not only do we have a ‘unique Hope, a certain future and a Glorious Eternity’ but we are enjoying a foretaste of it now. We are ‘children of the light and the children of the day’, because God has already broken into history. There is life before death as well as after death: Jesus died for us so that whether we wake or sleep we may live together with Jesus. We are already enjoying the relationship with God through Jesus, which assures us eternal life. Yet we cannot simply sit back and enjoy it. If we are aware that others are missing out now and will miss out even more in future, we must do all we can now to give others hope. As David Watson put it, ‘Christ wants disciples who not only have hope but also give hope to those hopeless.’Dutley Tyang wrote a song. A preacher so passionately preaches about the king of the Jews Jesus Christ. A man who is also a Jew criticizes how he can tell something about an ordinary Jew. The preacher doesn’t need to proof, or doesn’t need to convince this young man but he simply says two words “HE LIVES”. The words ‘He Lives’ transformed the man’s life at that very moment. Immediately he was convicted in his heart, and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.
Thank Jesus for dying for you 1Pet.2:24. Pray for the grace of God to be with you as you pass on the Good News of His Resurrection to others that they too might find their freedom in Jesus! Thank God for the glorious eternity with the Lord and with those we love who have died in Christ. Let’s put on ‘faith and love’ as a Breastplate, and the Hope of Salvation as our helmet! Jesus is Alive, He Lives & He is Coming Soon! “Happy Easter to you”

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