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DYO observes second annual youth conclave

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 12, 2017 11:29 pm
(L) Commissioner of Taxes, Asangba Chuba. (R) Commissioner of Police, Limasunep Jamir.

Dimapur, August 12 (EMN): “The State’s economy has been given in a silver plate to outsiders for the simple reason that Nagas do not want to lay hands on which the outsiders are willing and primarily with our fixation with government jobs- for the reason that we want to earn good but do not want to work at the same time.” This was stated by Commissioner of Taxes, Dimapur, Asangba Chuba, at the 2nd Annual Youth Conclave 2017 of Darogapathar Youth Organisation (DYO), Dimapur, held in the premises of Delhi Public School, Dimapur, on Saturday.

“In Nagaland, the amount of work that government servants do in an entire month is done in a week in other parts of the country which makes it understandable that we work four times less and yet we criticise when we are not paid on the first day of the month,” pointed out Chuba.

“The unemployment issue that we complain about is artificial because even with opportunities available outside government jobs, we prefer the outsiders to do the job while lethargy has taken place,” asserted the bureaucrat.

Drawing attention on the perspective of Nagas by outsiders, Chuba underlined that Nagas have failed to project positive image which has led to the state being tagged as ‘poorest’ and ‘dangerous place’ by others. He opined that while Nagas are better person individually, as a community we have failed to be reasonable while confining civilisation only within our private lives.

The bureaucrat also put across four questions to the youth assembled- ‘Why is everyone only after government job?’ ‘Why are we pursuing money so much?’ ‘Why are we Nagas, as individuals good but collectively differing? and ‘We can call ourselves civilised society? Chuba cautioned that our society will descend if we do not find answers to all these questions.

Commissioner of Police Dimapur, Limasunep Jamir, speaking on the ‘Social and moral responsibility of youth,’ acknowledged that the topic itself is an affair, where everyone has an opinion. Social and moral responsibility is not objective truths because it is based on belief and consciousness of individuals, while every individual is challenged with innumerable views, articulated the Commissioner of Police.

“Today we are confused with the right and wrong confronting us and with technology changing the phase, the sea of change taking place is confounding,” communicated Jamir.

He also articulated that we need to co-operate and network so that a global society gets involved with two choices in front of us- whether to dwell in unity or be divisive in nature. We need to develop perspective so that we can relate with other peoples’ idea, opined the Police Commissioner.

However, he also reminded the youth on upholding one’s ethos and advocated on guarding one’s social values and called upon them to develop the consciousness of caring for each other as human.

EAC Chumukedima, Thejavizo Nakhro, in his address, expressed that youth are looked upon as the answer for various problems who will contribute to the society constructively. Stating that there have been positive change through the institution of youth, he said the access to technology have transformed our mode of communication leading the society to a more complex order. Therefore, Nakhro called on the youth to be an asset to the society while playing the role of a responsible youth.

DYO, on its 2nd annual youth conclave 2017, highlighted its vision to be self sustainable by 2020 and leave the organisation in the hands of capable youth.

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 12, 2017 11:29:33 pm