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Drivers in Dimapur asked to follow new fare ‘for now’

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Mar 25, 2021 11:03 pm

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Dimapur, March 25 (EMN): The president of Dimapur District Auto Drivers Union (DDADU), Tito Yepthomi on Thursday, appealed to the autorickshaw drivers to follow the new fare announced by the deputy commissioner of Dimapur, who in an order directed to continue the rates fixed in 2017.

Yepthomi said that there were ‘many issues’ between the drivers, passengers and student bodies regarding the rate of autorickshaw fares.

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“I understand that the petrol prices and also prices of commodities have raised but kindly follow the DC order for now,” he said.

He expressed that applying the 2017 rate (fare) in the present situation was ‘unfair’ but “we will try to negotiate with our DC and RTO”.

“Very soon we will give an application to the DC to revise the rate as the prices of petrol and commodities have also increased and therefore the old rate of 2017 will be difficult for us too. So we will appeal to DC to consider fair revision,” he said. 

He said that from Friday (March 26), they would be visiting the parking areas to inform and sensitise the drivers about the new order from the DC.

Meanwhile, Yepthomi appealed to the drivers not to harass the passengers or charge high rates, and “normalise” the rate for students as there are many who have come from villages to study in Dimapur ‘with a little pocket money they receive’.

He further urged the drivers to carry ID cards, driving licenses and wear uniforms.

He also informed the passengers to contact the parking in-charge if any issue arises with the drivers, and based on the cases, they would punish the drivers according to their own law and constitution.

He asked the passengers not to ‘assault them’ but inform their batch and vehicle number to the parking in-charge.

Informing that DDADU has an ambulance, Yepthomi said the drivers and their families were free to use it within the Dimapur district area in case of any untoward accidents.

“It (ambulance) will be free for the public too if they need help,” he added.

Here are contact numbers of parking in-charges that passengers can use: Highway (Ivuto) – 9856471168; Railway Station (Pehoto) – 6009647697; Railgate(Khelopu) – 9383392528; Burma camp (Kitoi) – 87874774416; Blue Hill (Lipok) – 8974992183; New Market (Khekiye) – 9856197226; Imlighas (Tokavi) – 8119061091; Duckland (Susu) – 8974618429; TVR (Nekavi) – 8784503588; Nagarjan (Nisheto) – 8787571484; Night incharge (Moa) – 7630855714; and Rangaphar(Mulato) – 8131923137.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Mar 25, 2021 11:03:12 pm
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