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‘Dr. Shurhozelie de-recognised as NPF president’

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2015 12:08 am

DIMAPUR, February 4

The Noke led NPF said today that all rank and file of the party welcome the order of the Election Commission of India No. 56/6/2011/PPS-II dated 4th February, 2015. The order is very clear and specific and it says that ‘no interim direction recognising either of the parties as the NPF under the symbols order or any person as its president can be given at this stage’, the statement of the Noke led NPF said. It further states ” that till the time the dispute case is decided by the Commission, the Commission will not take cognizance of any disciplinary action against any member of the party by either of parties to the dispute”.
“This clearly means that the Election Commission of India no longer recognises Dr. Shurhozelie as the president of the NPF. It also means that all orders of suspensions and expulsions issued by the former President have been nullified by the Election Commission of India and no further orders can be passed by him until the dispute is resolved by the Election Commission of India,” the Noke led NPF added.
“ The Election Commission of India has, in fact, de-recognised Dr. Shurhozelie as president in its letter dated 27th January, 2015 wherein he was merely addressed as Dr. Shurhozelie, c/o Naga People’s Front, P.O. Box No. 565, Kohima-797001, Nagaland, and not as NPF president,” the Noke led NPF pointed out.
It then said, “The writing is clearly on the wall”. The NPF party is no longer the private property of Dr. Shurhozelie as he has been removed by the overwhelming majority of the NPF legislators and the party organization, it further said. Now the last nail on his coffin has been hammered in by the Election Commission of India who has de-recognised him in black and white, it stated.
According to Noke led NPF, the ownership of the cock symbol and the legitimate NPF party will ultimately belong to the NPF under the mandated and democratic leadership Noke Wangnao. “It is only a matter of time. Dr. Shurhozelie’s days are no longer numbered, it is over for him,” the Noke led NPF added.

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2015 12:08:48 am