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Doyang’s vast tourism potential remains untapped

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Sep 26, 2021 10:53 pm
Partial view of Doyang

Abenthung Kikon
Wokha, Sep. 26 (EMN):
Doyang in Wokha district is one of the major tourist attractions in Nagaland with the potential to generate employment opportunities if the state government gives it due attention, a fishmonger at Doyang dam opined.

Doyang has helped many fishermen, whose livelihood and sustenance of their families are solely dependent on fishing. Many youths are now engaged in various fish landing businesses, where they collect fish from Doyang and supply it to various locations like Kohima and Dimapur.

More activities have been taken up by the department concerned such as providing fingerlings, while fish bombings have been stopped through the involvement of District Anglers Wokha Nagaland (Dawn), various NGOs and landowners’ unions.

Besides these activities, fishmongers at Doyang informed Eastern Mirror that ‘much has to be done’ since it (Doyang) has become an economic backbone for many families. It also attracts many anglers across Nagaland, which is one source of monetary generation through rental charges.

Various line departments in the state can help make Doyang a tourist hotspot, said an eco-camp owner, who wished not be named.

Zuthungo Yanthan, an angler, said that various developmental activities were taken up by the government but they ‘never came to light; it is due to mismanagement or abandonment by government, while the short drive road connecting Doyang dam is a backbreaking journey due to poor road condition’.

Benithung Humtsoe, another angler, said: “Wokha district is known to be a land of plenty and it contributes the highest revenue to the state of Nagaland, but not much has been done at Wokha district by the state government.”

Camping, boating, angling and the picturesque beauty of Doyang attract many adventurers from the state and beyond Nagaland. Many private campsites have also been set up along the dam site providing tents and angling spots, while some even provide life jackets for water sports.

It may be mentioned that there is no particular season to visit Doyang. However, come October till the second week of November, the large migratory bird Amur Falcon blanket the skies of Doyang and reside at the dam across the belt of Pangti village, making it a tourist hotspot.

Amur Falcon Roosting Area Union (AFRAU) informed that in 2019 and 2020, it restricted all visitors during the falcon’s arrival and stay at its roosting areas, expressing their resentment towards the state government’s failure to provide basic amenities like road connectivity and proper sanitation like toilet, demanded jointly by the Union and Pangti village.

‘If state government provides a good road that reaches the falcon roosting place for easy access, it will attract more visitors; and provide the basic necessities like washrooms facilities, as we don’t encourage open defecation in the roosting areas for health and hygiene,’ the Union stated.

‘Earlier, large number of Amur Falcons were hunted down as a source of meat, but later we started to realise that through preservation and protecting the birds, it could bring various programmes and development in the land but nothing has been done, so we stopped allowing visitors to the roosting area during the season for the last two years. But nothing has been done by the state government towards our demand,’ said a fishmonger residing at the site.

Meanwhile, AFRAU informed this newspaper that this year, the team would try to allow domestic and international tourists following Covid-19 protocols, despite their demands not being met by the state government.

‘Further information will be brought out to the public through print media after proper consultation with Pangti Village Council,’ the Union informed.

Meanwhile, Rhanbemo Odyuo, president of Land Owners’ Union, said: ‘We are happy to invite any development activity at Doyang reservoir area that could benefit the people.’

He also pointed out that various activities had also been abandoned by various departments. He requested the department concerned to activate the 5 MT (metric ton) capacity ice plant project as well as fish cage culture having 24 units, where one unit holds 15,000 fingerlings for breeding and research purposes at Doyang.

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Sep 26, 2021 10:53:15 pm