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Doyang Hydro Electric Project landowners place set of demands

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2018 12:20 am

Dimapur, Sep. 26 (EMN): Citing various grievances, the 17 Land Affected Village under the aegis of Land Owners’ Union, Doyang Hydro Electric Project (DHEP), NEEPCO Ltd., Doyang Wokha has made a series of demands ranging from employment, education, roads, buildings, healthcare, and playground at the DHEP area.
The union warned that failure to comply with its set of demands would compel the landowners to take its own course of action for which the consequences would rest with the DHEP management and the corporation (NEEPCO).

The LOU, DHEP President, Rhanbemo Odyuo stated that the ‘affected people held a consultative meeting at the conference hall Doyang with the Executive Director (O&M) Hq. Shillong and placed a representation to the official; a copy of which was also made available to Eastern Mirror.

In the representation, the LOU President, Rhanbemo Odyuo stated of an agreement “that the grade-IV staffs for the project shall be reserved post for the Land owners”. He cited “Serial (point) No. 3 (three) of the agreement for the land acquisition signed between the Govt. Of Nagaland and the land owners’ union (LOU) on 28th February 1984 and the serial (point) No 5 (b) of the handing and taking over of agreement signed between the Govt. Of Nagaland and the North Eastern

Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO Ltd) Kohima dated the 1st of August 1983” to support his claim.
Therefore, the LOU questioned why there is no recruitment of Grade-IV staffs of the Doyang Hydro Electric Project for nearly three decades. Saying that recruitment for other NEEPCO Ltd. projects is done on a yearly basis, the representation demanded immediate recruitment of the existing vacancies of Grade-IV staff of the project as per the agreement.

It also demanded that the vacant posts created after the Grade -IV staff who were employed at the project and who retired or expired on service ‘should be awarded to the land owners as per the agreement’.

Moreover, it demanded that creation of new Grade-IV staff of DHEP, NEEPCO ‘should be made to the bonafide land owners of the constructed Doyang Hydro Electric Project as per the signed agreement’.

The representation stated that due to numerous reasons of negligence by the corporation, the only educational institution of the project is devoid of standard and value.

Saying that the present schooling system under the pathetic building condition and improper infrastructure has multiple difficulties and negative impact, the representation stated that the only hope of the 17 land affected villages for the children is to impart future quality education in a standard schooling system.

Considering the failure to provide quality education as a serious breach of commitment by the corporation, the union demanded immediate major renovation of the building, proper infrastructure and to upgrade the existing standard to higher secondary level from the next academic session.

The union, in the representation, stated that the road is totally damaged and in a deplorable condition which indicated that the corporation has not given due attention and totally ignored the interest and welfare of the affected people. The union demanded immediate widening, strengthening and ‘carpeting’ of the colony roads of the DHEP which covers less than 12 km in length.

Main office building, staff quarters, bungalow and NRC Hall
With regard to the main office building and staff quarters, the union demanded ‘immediate major renovation of the 29 year old main office building and staffs’ quarters’ within the stipulated time.

It also said that the Inspection Bungalow (IB) and NRC hall needs special attention by the corporation for convenient and comfortable stay of the visitors and the visiting corporate staff.

“Therefore we demand quick attention of the corporation for major renovation of the inspection bungalow and the NRC hall, DHEP, Doyang,” the LOU representation stated.

Primary Health Centre, playground
While demanding the immediate improvement of the Primary Health Centre, the union said that the only health institution of the project should be well developed.
It said that the healthcare centre should equipped with machineries and medicine, experienced staff, requisite materials and proper electricity facilities and infrastructure for the land affected people and the employees of the corporation so as to avoid unwarranted risk of unprecedented health consequences.

With regard to the playground in the area, the representation stated that the union has asked the corporation for the construction of standard rostrum and galleries at the one existing at the DHEP, NEEPCO Ltd Doyang.

“Failure to comply of the above mentioned demands in one month period, the Land Owners’ Union (LOU) DHEP will start its 2nd phase of agitation of which the DHEP management and the corporation (NEEPCO) shall be held the sole responsibilities if any eventualities arises during the course of agitation,” the representation warned.

By EMN Updated: Sep 27, 2018 12:20:43 am