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Downward spiral of Congress

By EMN Updated: Feb 12, 2015 11:09 pm

There is a dearth of not only ideas and strategies in the Congress party but it also lacks towering leaders today. The oldest political party of the country has failed to arrest the downward spiral because of these factors. If this free fall continues for the next few more months the crash will be too expensive for the grand old party. In every poll the Palm party is being slapped by various palms. This indicates that the Congress Palm is no longer a palm that proves its namesake. Thanks to the INSIPID personality of its poster boy Rahul Gandhi the Congress party is in ruin. Years ago when the party had hinted that Rahul Gandhi would be handed over the party’s baton many political pundits had given thumps down to the idea. They rather suggested that his sister Priyanka Gandhi should be given the responsibility. However, the ‘Generals’ in the Congress party went ahead in naming Rahul as the face of the party. Today, instead of reaping the party is weeping.
But one thing which is not clear about the Congress is why it continues to put Rahul in the saddle when the party is experiencing defeat after defeat in the past nine months starting from the Lok Sabha elections? Under his leadership the credibility of the Congress party is at its lowest ebb.
Today, the party is engaging more of its energy in dealing the internal differences and infightings than thwarting the party nemesis. Rahul Gandhi is the principal factor for all the farce in the party set up. Rahul did realize this fact but he hasn’t left the Kursi.
Rahul Gandhi has the weakness for showy activities. Instances such as holding a night in a Dalit house, stopping abruptly (his long entourage) in the roadside tea stall to have tea and attacking own Prime Minister (Dr Manmohan Singh) in public were all too cosmetic a strategy to win the hearts of suffering billion Indians.
In fact, to sum up the whole sorry figure of the Congress party it has cut in recent time the words of another party scion Priyanka Gandhi will fit the bill. She said the party has lost the pulse of the people.

By EMN Updated: Feb 12, 2015 11:09:06 pm