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DoNER approves sericulture pack for Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Apr 07, 2014 12:27 am

1st installment release with approval 


MINISTRY of Development of North Eastern Region has approved a package of sericulture-related schemes that would encompass sericulture projects in Nagaland under the North East council’s 12th Plan for the current fiscal year. The first installment of the financial grant for the project has been released, along with the official letter informing of the approval from the ministry for the sericulture projects.
The estimated cost for the sericulture project, unimaginative titled “Sericulture project in the state of Nagaland”, is approximately Rs. 4 crores and to be implement for the current year 2013-2014.
The ministry has granted administrative approval to the sericulture campaign which is to be implemented by the department of Sericulture, government of Nagaland. The NEC would be contributing in the range of three crores and seventy lakhs.
“The amount of contribution of the state government (10% of the total approved project cost) is required to be reflected immediately in the next annual budget of the state so that the amount could be released on or before the release of the second installment by the NEC,” the ministry said in an official handout obtained here April 5.
According to the ministry the project has been given approval and set to be implemented with the cost estimate of Rs. 412.46 lakhs under the council’s 12th plan. The council’s share of contribution in the scheme would be 90% of the total approved project, which is Rs. 371.21 lakhs.
The state government is required to contribute 10% to the estimate, by mobilizing own resources. The contribution of the Nagaland government to the project is only Rs. 41.25 lakhs.
Also, the accounts department of the ministry has clarified that the entire assistance in the form of ‘grants’ is only provisional and is subject to “adjustment” of expenditures under the NEC’s plan for 2013-2014.
The ministry has said that the department should complete the sericulture within two years from the approval to the grant.
Advisor for Horticulture of the DoNER ministry M Iboyaima Meitei has also said in an official letter that the progress of the implementation would be monitored by the council.
“Progress of the scheme will be monitored by the officials of the NEC secretariat or any other agency / organization duly authorized by the NEC secretariat as and when felt necessary,” the advisor said in the letter, a copy of which was addressed to the Chief Minister’s Office of Nagaland.
As the first installment of the grants, the ministry has released Rs. 74. 24 lakhs.
“The grant is towards plan expenditure and should be utilized on the programme as per the approved guidelines of North East Council and no deviation from the provisions of guidelines is permissible,” the letter said.
The state government should release its share for this installment immediately on receiving the centre’s share for the programme, the ministry has stated. Subsequent installments of the Rs. 4, 12, 46, 000 worth of grant would be released by the NEC after receiving the needful utilization certificates, the DoNER has said.

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