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Doctors, nurses at CISHR get Covid-19 management drill

By Our Correspondent Updated: Apr 14, 2020 11:19 pm
Doctors and nurses of Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research are seen here on April 14 during the drill on Covid-19 patient management.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, April 14 (EMN):
As part of preparation to treat novel coronavirus patients, the Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research (CIHSR) on Tuesday conducted simulation training for all the doctors and nurses in the Covid-19 ward / ICU roster of the health facility. It was done in a given scenario, wherein a patient came from a civil hospital (proven referred case) or a suspected case coming in directly to the emergency ward with moderate to severe respiratory illness.

The drill was conducted close on the heels of a person from Dimapur being test positive for Covid-19 in Guwahati. A reliable source from CIHSR said that managing Covid-19 pandemic is a collective team work.

The drill involved ambulance driver, hospital assistant or emergency staff members and the Covid team comprising doctors, nurses, hospital assistants and a runner, who all were assumed to be on a shift, according to the source.

The scenario started with the Covid team receiving information from the internal rapid response team (IRRT) about a proven or suspected case coming in; the team leader debriefed and assigned roles to all the team members and prepare all anticipated medicines and equipment; receiving the patient at the Covid ward entrance from the ambulance or the emergency; transferring the patient to the bed; attaching monitors to the patient; and initial assessment of vitals.

The Covid team members were seen wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), while the scenario was set in such a manner that the patient was very unstable and needed ventilator support, according to the source who explained the demonstration session.

The team leader alerted the members, one nurse brought the crash trolley and the other doctor prepares to intubate the patient. The leader, then, went through the intubation check list and ordered for induction medication as per the CIHSR Covid treatment protocol, which was given by one nurse.

Once medicines were given, the other doctor intubated and attached the patient to the ventilator taking all precautions to avoid aerosol production. Thereafter, he inserted a central line for inotropes as the patient is becoming hypotensive. Meanwhile, necessary blood samples were sent, while the management continued.

In case of death, care was to be taken and the body is handled following the guidelines as per the national guidelines given on NCDC website, it added.

CIHSR in Dimapur has now been equipped with 11 beds, four ICU, and two ventilators, the source informed. Additional rooms for quarantine purposes are being renovated. A biosafety level 2 lab to test suspected Covid-19 samples is being set up at the hospital.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Apr 14, 2020 11:19:10 pm