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Do not Ignore Mankind

By The Editorial Team Updated: Oct 19, 2017 11:42 pm

Pollution affects everyone irrespective of his or her caste, creed and religion. So those who are opposing Supreme Court ban on selling of crackers in Delhi are actually doing a great disservice to society. They forgot the simple truth that religious rituals cannot be placed above public health. Thus too keep Delhi clean and lower its pollution level at the onset of winter and Diwali, the Supreme Court judgement should be welcomed by all.
It is painful to see the name of Chetan Bhagat among the people who opposed the Supreme Court ruling. We all knew that the successful author as a liberal person, who is always guided by reasons rather than passion. But unfortunately he was the first one to take the social media route in criticising the judgement. People like Mr. Bhagat should always keep in mind that they are no ordinary people. They are celebrities. So whatever they do or say, people follow it closely and most of the times get influenced by it. In other words, celebrities have social responsibilities to perform. If celebrities start talking like commoners, social set up will be disturbed. By opposing the ruling of the Supreme Court, Mr. Bhagat made an irreparable loss to our social set up. Because, as soon as Mr. Bhagat made his comments public, lot of the public started liking his comments and even started preparation to defy the judgement of the highest court of the country.
Mr. Bhagat was not alone in committing the mistake. Our Environment Minister Dr. Harshvardhan was no exception. The Union Minister made a public statement that he has asked the scientists to invent crackers which are environment friendly without realising that his statement would provide some kind of legitimacy to those who are opposing the ban. There are many more who spoke against the ban. All of them had made the same mistake of putting religious practices above everything. From their statement it is clear that while expressing their opinions, the so called followers of religious rituals deliberately ignored the need of the hour i.e. to save the capital from being chocked.
We all know that over the years the Indian capital became more and more polluted. Each year during Diwali, crackers contribute largely to send the pollution level further up. The people of Delhi seek respite from the rising pollution level. So they moved to the apex court and the court in its own wisdom gave an order to ban the sale of crackers in Delhi. What was wrong in it? Earlier also the court ordered for many steps to be taken to curb pollution in Delhi such as use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in public transport, banning 10-year-old cars from commercial use, etc. But not a single question was raised when the court passed such orders. Everyone understood that those orders were meant to make Delhi pollution free. This time also the Supreme Court passed the judgement to protect the people. It has nothing to do with religion. One can only advice the self-claimed protectionists of religious rituals that no religion has taught us to ignore mankind.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Oct 19, 2017 11:42:04 pm
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