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DNSU seeks capture of student’s killers

By EMN Updated: Jan 03, 2014 12:34 am


THE Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) has asked Home Minister G Kaito Aye to ensure that the killers responsible for the death of a Class-X student in Dimapur on December 28 should be booked, investigated and punished befitting their crime. In this incident too, the name of an armed underground group, NSCN, is being referred. Akivito A Sumi, a student of Christian Higher Secondary School Dimapur, was “brutally beaten to death” by a group of people on the said date. The DNSU has cautioned that the students’ community would react adversely should the killers go scot-free like most criminals mostly go in the State.
The apex students’ organization in Dimapur floated the warning in a memorandum addressed to the Home minister Thursday.

DNSU gives an account of the incident
On December 28, the deceased and his brother and cousin went for a walk after dinner. As they approached New Market they found another cousin in a scuffle with a group of people. Together they chased the people inside the market where they lost them. As they walked around the market, a person claiming to be a “member of NSCN” stopped them and reprimanded them.
The DNSU stated: “They apologized and tried leaving the place but were not allowed to leave. They explained the incident and further apologized but the alleged NSCN man went on shouting at them at which point the victim’s cousin losing his calm exchanged rage with the man. They stopped the fight and walked towards home after compromising. As they were returning home the guy came back with a large group of people and chased them. While Akivito’s brother and another cousin managed to reach home safely.
He along with his cousin was caught at the schoolgate by those people and was beaten mercilessly with bricks. He (Akivito) succumbed to head injuries and breathed his last in Guwahati on December 30, 2013.
The students’ organization has demanded immediate investigation by the legitimate state authorities and that the perpetrators of the murder should be awarded with befitting punishment.
The DNSU has cautioned that the investigation process by the police should not be hampered by any quarter and that the guilty found should never be given bail.
It has made clear to the Home minister that the State government must ‘seriously act’ that justice is delivered for the death of Akivito A Sumi at the earliest.
“The DNSU shall take up all democratic means to meet the demands and being the apex students’ organization in Dimapur would like to act maturely in order to avoid any untoward incident which might erupt owing to failure of the positive response and failure to meet the demands by the government,” the organization stated in its memorandum.

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