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DMC threatens to agitate

By EMN Updated: Sep 05, 2013 1:03 am


DIMAPUR Municipal Council (DMC) Employees Association stated it may resort to agitation if the government continually puts ban on collection of fees by the DMC and for which the government shall be held responsible for any breakdown of office system in the DMC.This was in reaction to the cancellation of order issued to 41 lessees in Dimapur for collecting tolls tax in DMC jurisdiction by Municipal Administration Cell of the Urban Development Department of the Government of Nagaland.
The association stated that as competently appointed by the government, Orenthung Lotha, Chief Executive Officer, DMC exercised his duty efficiently and issued order to the 41 lessees for collection of tolls tax.
Backing the CEOs action, the employees’ association stated that the DMC is an autonomous body generating its own revenue for its existence and whatever order issued by him was for the convenience of the DMC and people of Dimapur.
The association stated that whatever revenue generated through house rents, trade license fees and tolls collection is fully utilized to meet the expenses of sanitation and its maintenance, and development of the town besides paying the staff salaries.
The association general secretary, Revo Anar said DMC had already suffered following a blanket ban on tolls tax collection by the state government for six months and another termination of collection of tolls fees would put the functioning of DMC in a dire situation. This may even result in total collapse of the office, as tolls tax collection is one of the main sources of income which sustains the office.
In a separate representation addressed to the Commissioner and Secretary, Urban Development, Government of Nagaland, the association stated that besides the revenue which the DMC generates within its jurisdiction, there are no other sources of income for DMC. The Council with a present strength of 305 office staff, pays their salaries out of its own exchequer. Besides, it is also has to maintain the machineries and equipment to cater to the needs of the public.
The representation signed by association president, Badal Bhadra and general secretary Revo Anar also stated unlike other municipalities of the country, DMC has much lesser avenue to generate income and it solely depends on tolls collection, house rents and trade license.
It said “DMC has been raked with controversies one after another and is presently facing financial crisis whereupon, the employees are at the receiving end and facing the consequences for no fault of theirs.”
The employees had been facing untold hardships, and the present imbroglio between the DMC and State Government is not in the interest of the employees. Therefore, the Commissioner and Secretary has been urged to resolve the issue in the light of the greater interest, the representation added.

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