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DMC CEO rebuts UDD allegation

By EMN Updated: Sep 06, 2013 12:58 am


STUNG by the Urban Development Department directive to terminate the order issued to 41 lessees, which had allowed them to collect “tolls and fees” in Dimapur, and the accusations thereof, the CEO of Dimapur Municipal Council, Orenthung Lotha on Thursday refuted the allegations and retorted that DMC has the statutory right to collect “tolls and fees.” In a press release issued today, Orenthung Lotha claimed that the “Municipalities” could collect “tool tax and fees”, for the “maintenance of the town and its proper functioning”, under the Municipal Act of 2001.
“In the process of providing civic amenities and services Municipality levy, among others, Tolls and Fees in order to raise revenue for performing its duties and functions,” read the statement.
The “only condition for levying Tolls and Fees is the previous sanction of the government” which was issued on October 26, 2012, the CEO said. He however, did not specify the nature of the “condition” provided by the said order.
Orenthung said that the “decisions and actions” taken, in connection with the collection of toll tax and fees, have been based on the “best and immediate interest of the DMC.”
“I fully agree with the statement that DMC is not a playground but a statutory body which works for providing better civic amenities and services to the general public with its limited resources.
Allegations that collections at Toll Gates have been done in my personal interest is regrettable,” he said in the statement.

By EMN Updated: Sep 06, 2013 12:58:19 am