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DMC asked to rein in illegal collectors

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2013 12:13 am


THE department of Urban Development has vetted Dimapur Municipal Council for issuing work orders – illegally – to 41 unauthorized “lessees” to collect various tolls and fees on various items in the areas the council governs. The government had issued a stringent notice today to immediately stop the so-called “lessees” from continuing their activities. Their act is punishable punishable under the Penal law, the authorities of Urban Development stated today. Commissioner & Secretary to the Government of Nagaland Mhabemo Patton issued a directive to the Dimapur Municipal Council today ordering the council to immediately rein in the illegal “lessees” for collecting any tool or fee. The directive was addressed to the deputy commissioner of Dimapur, Superintendent of police of Dimapur and the Chief Executive Officer of Dimapur Municipal Council.
The Urban Development department said that the council issued illegal work orders to 41 unauthorized toll and fee collectors June this year. They were entrusted with collecting tolls and fees on various items within the DMC area, the government said. The Urban Development department has also terminated the work order to the “lessees” after examining their response as stated during the court case in July this year as the work orders to the stated people were issued in complete violations of Section 199 of Nagaland Municipal Act of 2001.
“That in spite of the cancellation/termination… the unauthorized lessees are still collecting the tolls and fees on various items in Dimapur Municipal area at the strength of illegal work orders. The collection of tolls and fees by the 41 unauthorized lessees after the cancellation/termination order is in complete defiance of an administrative decision taken by the competent authority which is an offence punishable by penal law,” the Urban Development authorities stated.
The Commissioner & Secretary has ordered the council to immediately stop the 41 unauthorized “lessees” from collecting toll and fees.

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2013 12:13:01 am