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DLSAs visit observation home and mental hospital

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2017 10:44 pm

Dimapur, August 17 (EMN): Zunheboto District Legal Services Authority (ZDLSA) and Tuensang District Legal Services Authority (TDLSA) visited observation home at the respective district, while Kohima District Legal Services Authority (KDLSA) visited Kohima Mental Hospital on August 17.
KDLSA: The KDLSA team visited State Mental Health Institute Kohima. During a brief programme with the staff of mental hospital, Dr. Viketoulie, MO pointed out the challenging task to eradicate the stigma for mentally ill or disabled people and added the need of hour is to create awareness.
Delivering the welcome address, Dr. Wapang, MS, SMHI highlighted the plight of mentally ill people as they are denied of their basic human rights and exploited.
Wapanginla Kichu, panel lawyer KDLSA cited the National legal Services Authority Schemes, 2015 where a mentally ill or disabled person can get access to justice for equal opportunity and effective services while Thejapfutuo, retainer KDLSA highlighted the Mental Health Act 1987 and the recent Mental Health Act 2017.
The staff and doctors shared their grievances and experiences and stressed on the basic need for availing funds for an effective functioning of the institute.
ZDLSA: The ZDLSA team led by N. Suyie, district and session judge and chairman of ZDLSA and Atoka Achumi, judicial magistrate first class and secretary ZDLSA along with legal cum probation officer, District Child Protection Unit Zunheboto and retainer lawyer ZDLSA visited the observation home, where 3 Juveniles in conflict with law has been kept for observation.
A short discussion hour was conducted with the Superintendent and Subordinate staffs of the home, and deliberated on how the home and office could function together in collaboration with Child Welfare Committee, JJB n Special Juvenile Police Unit.
TDLSA: The TDLSA team visited the observation home as per the monthly action plan. During an interaction, judicial magistrate first class Tuensang and secretary TDLSA, N. Kano highlighted on the procedures and the ways to coordinate in regard to official communication. Currently there are two juveniles in the observation home.
Meanwhile, Longleng District Legal Services Authority (LDLSA) held a meeting with Para-Legal Volunteers from village legal care and support center Longleng at the office chamber of Secretary LDLSA. Chief judicial magistrate and secretary of LDLSA, Tucuno Vamuzo spoke on the maintenance of village legal care, support center and the functions of PLV.

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2017 10:44:27 pm