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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Distancing From the Bitter Past

By EMN Updated: Sep 19, 2018 9:06 pm

“Yesterday’s mistakes: no regrets, just lessons for today and a stepping stone for tomorrow!”

Many people keep distance, or even get completely freed from their bitter past through faith, or self-control, or prayers and fast, or by sacrificing bad company and making new good friends. But for me, it’s my poetries and other piece of writings that enable me to keep distance from my despicable past.

I believe “The Dancing Quill” will oneday bid “Adieu” to the past for all eternity whilst acknowledging the fact that I am that Dancing Quill.

Many a time’, I’ve been advised and exhorted to forget about my past misdeeds by my dear friends and loved ones; preached and even prayed for by the Rev. and Pastors that I may no more think or look back to my dark past. But, of late, this is what I found, “You can’t escape from your past. However, you can always keep a safe distance from it, and even make your past experience of misdeeds work to your advantage!”

To let this happen, you need to accept your past, remain a watcher and remain a witness. The past has happened to you; it is NOT you! The moment you remember this, suddenly you will see a distance arising between you and your past. When you lose awareness of your past, it affects you; when you gain awareness, there is a distance. The more your awareness rises, the more the distance increases. A moment comes when you are so far away from your past that it is as if it’s not there at all!

With all this awareness, you are prone to have a glimpse of your future, and as you get a peep into your future you are simply encouraged to increase your awareness and further distance away from your past.

The same logic applies for sadness. Your past sadness was a happening of yesterday; it is NOT YOUR today. If you are aware of it instead of remaining ignorant you are going to distance from your sadness. And this awareness will open the door of your happiness to your future soon…Almost all my writings are based on my association with my dark past and the experiences gathered along the hard, bitter way after having realized that my past had always been planted in my deep subconscious mind but it can be kept away from harming me, and used to my advantage!…and it can also be rid off completely through total surrender of my life to the creator.

May we, instead of regretting, have the will to learn lessons and keep distance from our past/ sadness by remaining aware of it at all times!

A. Anato Swu

By EMN Updated: Sep 19, 2018 9:06:56 pm