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Disaster funds did not reach us, say Peren farmers

By EMN Updated: Feb 17, 2019 10:38 pm

Dimapur, Feb. 17 (EMN): A forum stating to represent farmers of new Jalukie village in Peren district has alleged that funds meant to be disaster relief did not reach beneficiaries “because of some insincere and corrupted staffs involvement.”

The group, ‘Aggrieved Farmers Forum’ (AFF) of new Jalukie village issued a copy of a representation addressed to the chairman of Peren’s District Disaster Management Authority. The forum did not name any individuals but stated ‘staff members’ and ‘some vested interested persons.’ The group has given the authorities five days to ‘immediately arrest and take legal action against the staff involved.’

‘We the Aggrieved Farmers Forum, new Jalukie Village, would like to seek your sincere attention in regard to the 2017-2018 disaster relief fund. The fund was purely sanctioned for the affected disaster management purpose (sic). However, sadly, the fund could not reach the targeted genuine farmer beneficiaries because of some insincere and corrupted staff involvement,’ the representation alleged.

The representation read: “Now, the concerned staff made excuses of misplacing the file in the office, whereas on the other hand, it has come to light that those staff members are doing for their own suit by mingling with some vested interested persons for corrupt practices. This clearly portrays how these staffs are not satisfied with their salaries and looted farmers’ scheme.”

The forum lamented that ‘for many years the ignorant farmers were given assurance that the disaster relief fund will be provided but never materialized.’

In turn, the farmers have been silently observing “such unfavorable scam practiced by the staffs for their own benefit and left the genuine farmers helpless.”

The farmers of new Jalukie village have urged the authorities in concern to “immediately arrest and take legal action to those staff involved in the misuse of disaster fund within 5 (five) days from the date of publication (of this statement) or else the forum will take its own course of action and if any untoward incident happens, the concerned authority will bear responsible (sic).”


By EMN Updated: Feb 17, 2019 10:38:30 pm