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“Diploma engineers” meet over quota discrimination

By EMN Updated: May 29, 2016 12:44 am

Dimapur, May 28 : The All Nagaland Diploma Service Association met in Dimapur on May 17. Manamothan Rajbongshi, secretary general of the All India Federation of Diploma Engineer, the apex body of “diploma engineers association,” was the guest of honour for the event, the association stated in a note issued to the media on Saturday.

In his address during the program, Rajbongshi highlighted “diploma engineering service rules” on behalf of the All India federation of Diploma Engineers of India besides updating the gathering on the organization’s agitation seeking redress from the prime minister of India. He assured of the “quota system of diploma engineers cadre in Nagaland” which he said would be treated as a ‘common responsibility.’
The agenda of the meeting comprised “discrimination of ANDESA quota system” which the organization called “inhuman.” A new team of officer bearers for the association for the tenure of 2016-2019 was also instated. The new team is led by re-elected president Vikheto Shohe.

It may be noted that the new service rule passed in 2012 completely abolished the quota system in the state and the association considers it as an infringement of right of the diploma engineers. Earlier as per the quota in Nagaland, for promotion to SDO the quota of Diploma Engineers vis-à-vis Degree Engineers was 40 for 60, then for promotion from SDO to Executive Engineers the quota was 25 for 75 and from Executive Engineer to Supdt. Engineer the quota was 10 for 90. Moreover with the time of retirement changed from 60 years of age and 35 years of service (whichever is earlier) the diploma engineers were already at a disadvantage. However the total abolition of the quota system in Nagaland is a direct violation of the rights of the diploma cadres.

In another matter, the ANDESA has requested all its members to pay the membership fee of Rs. 500. They are also told to “update detail information through zonal in charge for categorized contribution of money to all Diploma Engineer Cadre through zonal in charge on or before June 2016.”

By EMN Updated: May 29, 2016 12:44:24 am