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Dimapur’s roads, bridges in worry sight as monsoon looms

By EMN Updated: Jul 01, 2019 12:17 am

Dimapur, June 30 (EMN): Contractors in Dimapur are urging the authorities to complete ongoing work on roads and bridges in the district considering that the monsoon is looming. They have emphasised particularly on completing the bridges.
The Dimapur District Nagaland Contractor’s & Suppliers’ Union issued a press release to the media on Sunday stating its concern. The union said to have met on June 26 in Dimapur.

The contractors deliberated on various issues which included progress of ongoing works particularly the road and bridge projects in various pockets of the district.

‘The union urged the government and department of Roads and Bridges to complete the works in time bound as per the memorandum of understanding as many parts of the roads in Dimapur are becoming bad to worse with the onset of monsoon,’ the press release stated.

“The bridge projects mainly which connect the town i.e., Purana Bazar to Walford colony and Nagarjan bridge have to be completed at the earliest in order to ease the traffic congestion. These two bridges are the main concern of the general public as well.”

Comparing to that of the state’s capital town Kohima, the union stated, progress of work in Dimapur is “very slow even though work order were issued several months ago.”

The union assured to ‘try to reach out to all the ongoing works in Dimapur district by way of deputing its action committee members to take first hand information on the progress of works.’

Also, the union requested the department and contractors in concern to cooperate.
“It also further warned that any lapses on the part of the department and concerned contractor, the union shall report the matter to the higher authority.”

‘German tech road viable and durable’
The much publicised Dhobinalla-Thahekhu road which was repaired using German technology seem to have found approval from the contractors’ union.

The union also expressed concern on the quality and durability of roads in the district. Nonetheless, It observed that the experimental “German technology road project” between Dhobinalla and Thahekhu junction had been found to be viable and durable for Nagaland as road condition remains good in spite of both dry and rainy seasons, the union explained.

The government and the Road & Bridges department is requested to study said method in details, its feasibility and cost effectiveness for application in the other districts as well.

In other matters, the union deliberated on abandoned projects like the New Market complex “which becomes a place for unhygienic and illegal activities,” the press release explained.

Also, the union reaffirmed the government’s standing order that all contract works should be called for open tender and only valid NCSU card holders are eligible to take part in the ‘tender process.’

The union has asked the department in the district to abide by the ‘resolution,’ the press release added.

By EMN Updated: Jul 01, 2019 12:17:57 am