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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Dimapur’s courier companies: Big names, poor services?

By Esther Verma Updated: Jul 02, 2019 10:24 pm

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Dimapur, July 2: Nagaland, without exception, is part of the growing window of consumerism with people shopping online from the comfort of their homes. However, in what is supposed to be a smooth transition between placing the order and delivery, there appears to be a disconnect.

In Dimapur, there is an apparent increase in the number of complaints by customers against courier services for not delivering their packages on time, impolite delivery agents or poor customer service.

Iliang Haralu, a regular online shopper told Eastern Mirror that she does most of her shopping online for business and personal use. She said that if her parcel is too big and cannot be delivered by scooter, the courier service does not notify her.  “Only after enquiring numerous times and going to their office, then only I get my parcel from there,” Haralu said.

“The owners who are running these courier services should employ more people; when you go to Blue Dart office, you will see the madness inside with two to three people handling hundreds of parcels,” pointed out Haralu.

“If the courier company is taking money from companies promising delivery but not doing so, then I would term it as a fraud company,” said Haralu.

Another online shopper Vikeduo Linyü from Nagarjan, Dimapur ordered items from Amazon and was informed that Delhivery courier services would be delivering the parcel. “My parcel has been lying there in their office for almost a week but I got a message claiming that my parcel has been delivered,” said Linyü

Eastern Mirror spoke to an employee from Delhivery courier services who stated that manpower wasn’t the issue. “We have around 13 delivery boys just in our town office, but we also have an office towards Naharbari and because of different pin codes, the shipments get mixed,” said the employee and stated that it might be a case of “miscommunication” on their part.

A Blue Dart centre head also informed that there were many irregular delivery boys, which makes it difficult to deliver the packages on time. “We have assigned delivery boys for various points in the city but because of their absence somtimes, it gets difficult to cover all the areas,” he said. He also added that Blue Dart has around 13 to 14 delivery boys.

He further informed that Blue Dart has around 600-700 deliveries everyday that extend till Chumoukedima but the newly employed delivery boys have no experience and have difficulty in finding addresses.

Another customer added that it did not matter if they have delivery boys or not. “They are not doing the jobs for which the company is paying them, and that needs to be addressed,” the customer said.

“When you go pick it up from their office, they mention in their report: delivered to client. Good roads or bad roads, or whatever the reason, if they took the money they need to deliver it,” he argued.

By Esther Verma Updated: Jul 02, 2019 10:24:54 pm