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Dimapur-Zubza rail project: Two tunnels dug

By Our Reporter Updated: May 11, 2020 10:47 pm
Workers drilling a tunnel for the Dimapur to Zubza railway line. (EM Images)

Our Reporter
Dimapur, May 11 (EMN):
Drilling of the second tunnel for the Dimapur to Zubza railway line under Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR)—which is about 866 metre in length, at New Chümoukedima—completed on Monday.

Till date, drilling of two tunnels have been completed. The new rail route under NFR in Nagaland will cover 82.3 km from Dhansiri to Zubza.

While speaking to Eastern Mirror, deputy chief engineer (Railway) of NFR, V Hauzel said that drilling of second tunnel has been completed. The first tunnel, which is about 72 metres, was completed last year.

Hauzel added that while drilling the tunnel, they have to maintain pinpoint accuracy as the tunnel is dug from both ends. Tunnel work needs co-ordination so that the tunnel alignment is straight. The survey team inspects the area first, and then comes the drilling team after that explosive team and again the cycle of survey must be accurate, he said.

He added that the soil is very loose and they used the method of ‘cut and cover construction’ so that there is no problem during monsoon season and is strong enough to carry the load.

Hauzel informed that three tunnels at Chümoukedima and one at Medziphema would be constructed. The first phase of the project was almost complete but due to coronavirus lockdown, they were unable to finish it yet, he said.

There are three phases 0-17 km, 17 km to 43 km, and 43 km to 86 km. He added that work pace for phase 3 has not picked up but maximum work has been done for phase 1 and phase 2. He also added that they were able to drill only 2 metre per day; therefore, it took many days to complete just one tunnel.

The deputy chief engineer said that the good thing about tunnel work is that ‘it is all-weather workable’.

He also informed that the Dimapur soil condition is relatively better compared to Kohima soil condition, especially Zubza area.

He stated that they are going to work next on tunnel number 3, which is 3.5 km long and added that almost 200 metre have been drilled already.

When queried about the completion of the project, he said that they are trying their best and in order to complete on time, ‘everything has to be aligned with each other’. He said that their goal is to complete within the stipulated period.

While speaking to project manager Munu Malakar, it was informed that the lockdown has affected their work. However they continue to work with whatever facilities they have but it has ‘definitely slowed down their work.’

He added that apart from lockdown, the only hindrance they face is the monsoon rains as during this season, they are unable to go through the approach road.

When asked about the completion of phase 1 and 2, which include four tunnels, he informed that right now, they are working on tunnel number 1, which is 3.5 km and tunnel number 2, which is 180 metre long.

He also added that tunnel number 1 would take two years to be completed and tunnel number 2 would be completed within two months.

Work at the longest tunnel, which is at Chaphema and 6.4 km long, is in progress and around 160 metre have been completed. He also informed that it would take two years to complete.

Malakar said that ABCI Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., was in charge of tunnel number 1, 2 and 3 and Bharatia Infra Projects Ltd., would be in charge of tunnel number 4 and 5, which would start after the monsoon.

The project manager informed that till date, tunnel 1A and tunnel 3 has been completed and tunnel 1 and 2 work is in progress at the moment. He added that tunnel 2 and 3 is under New Chümoukedima and tunnel number 1A and 1 is under Chümoukedima village.

By Our Reporter Updated: May 11, 2020 10:47:54 pm
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