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Dimapur unveils team for Dr. T Ao inter-district championship

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Apr 10, 2021 9:46 pm
Dimapur district team along with officials on Saturday. (EM images)

DDFA hires astro-turf facility for players to train

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Dimapur, April 10 (EMN): The president of Dimapur District Football Association (DDFA) Mughato Aye along with the vice president, Lanutoshi Yaden unveiled the Dimapur district team for the Dr. T Ao inter-district championship 2021 on Saturday during a press briefing at Kakit Futsal, Ura Villa Colony Dimapur.

During a media interaction, Yaden said Dimapur team does not have an astro-turf ground and therefore they had to hire the ground of Kakit Futsal so the players could adjust playing in the turf.

Yaden also opined that some of the districts have the advantage of practising on a turf ground and stated that they were going to raise this issue, ‘which is not fair’.

The vice president informed that Dimapur district team is multi-cultural, consisting of almost all the tribes. He also informed that everyone in the team had undergone Covid test and all the results returned negative.

President of DDFA, Mughato Aye said that the team had been fortunate to have big names like James Kitan and Kivi Zhimomi, and appreciated both of them for being part of Dimapur district team.

Aye stated that by observing the players dedication and commitment, he expressed that team might bring the championship trophy home this time.

Aye added that there were good players from Dimapur but lamented that Dimapur district had been side lined, and the one astro-turf which has been shifted to Chumoukedima was not a feasible place for everyone.

The president informed that DDFA was planning to have a peaceful rally and also summit a memorandum to the chief minister’s office after the tournament got over.

When James Kitan was query about the difference in playing within and outside the state, he said that there were a lot of differences such as lack of proper ground, infrastructure and activities in the state. He said that eHe said that He

Ibhwnlnqakdnkan it was quite difficult for the players to adjust while playing in other states as they had to start from scratch.

Kitan added that in other states, they managed the teams very systematically with junior and senior teams and the players were provided with proper faculties for training.

He expressed hope that if the players were given proper training and faculties, even Naga players could definitely match with other professional players.

“The basic thing that the state requires right now is that they need a proper ground in all the districts and proper coaches,” he added.

Dr. T Ao inter-district championship 2021 will commence from 13 to 19 April in Kohima.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Apr 10, 2021 9:46:35 pm