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Dimapur to accommodate fresh returnees of Peren, Mon, Longleng

By EMN Updated: Jul 01, 2020 10:50 pm
Y Kikheto Sema addresses the district nodal officers at Hotel Saramati in Dimapur on Wednesday.

Dimapur, July 1 (EMN): As per the request made by the concerned districts and also the directive of the High Powered Committee, fresh returnees hailing from Peren, Mon and Longleng districts will be now hosted and quarantined in Dimapur.

This was informed by Agriculture Production Commissioner Kikheto Sema, who is also the in-charge of Dimapur district Covid-19 activities, on Wednesday during a meeting convened with nodal officers of all the districts of Nagaland including the convenors of accommodation, transport and food committee of Team Dimapur at the Hotel Saramati in Dimapur.

The meeting was called for reviewing and also to take views and suggestions from all the district nodal officers in order to continue to work together with a holistic approach in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, stated an update from DIPR.

In the meeting, some district nodal officers shared the problems face by some of the returnees who are not allowed to stay in some colonies in Dimapur after completing their quarantine period. In this regard, it was decided parents or relatives will be take the responsibility of their wards after completing quarantine period and officially released by the quarantine centre with a certificate.

Stating that communities should appreciate the government for bringing back their children from different parts of the country, fed them, tested and quarantine them, Sema felt that after releasing them from the quarantine centres, the government or frontline workers should not be troubled for accommodation and transportation to reach their homes or native places .

He was surprised stating that till date no word of appreciation for the frontline workers was received from parents of returnees.

He enlightened the nodal officers to ascertain whether any other state and particularly north-eastern states are taking trouble the way state government and frontline workers are sacrificing and trying their best to take care of the returnees.

Reminding that novel coronavirus can be defeated with unity and concerted effort, he encouraged the officers to share their grievances Team Dimapur.

“When we are fighting with the biggest problem (Covid-19) why should we give importance to small problems, we will solve it,” he added.

Nagaland is likely to face severe monsoon where heavy landslides and disaster could not be ruled out, however, Team Dimapur is getting ready for tackling any such eventuality, Sema maintained.

Member of the Empowered Committee, Honje Konyak, also encouraged all the officers to work in co-ordination and asked them to bring problems to the notice of Team Dimapur.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tiasunep reiterated to give their best effort in the fight against the Covid-19. However, he expressed concern over the shortage of manpower, stating that health workers are almost exhausted and needs rest.

In this connection, Sema advised the CMO to give a written communication if manpower is going to be a problem to take care of the fresh returnees of Mon, Peren and Longleng, so that he can take up the issue to the Medical department for deployment of doctors and medical staff.

Accommodation Committee Convenor Mhalo informed that to provide accommodation to the returnees of other districts in the transit camp at Agri Expo, some returnees would have to be re-located to other quarantine centres.

She further advised all the nodal officers to enlighten the returnees of their respective districts to keep their rooms clean and to dispose the disposable bed-sheets and pillow covers in dustbins when they leave the transit camp.

Food Committee Convenor Avonuo informed the officers that there was no problem in providing food to all the inmates including the transit returnees and assured that they would continue to provide their services.

In a separate meeting, Sema met doctors and health workers at the Chief Medical Officer’s office in Dimapur on the occasion of World Doctor’s Day and greeted the doctors.

Interacting with the health workers, Sema lauded them for their commendable services to the people of the state for the last three months when the state grappled with the novel coronavirus.

Stating that with the monsoon season round the corner, doctors and nurses will be fighting against monsoon related sickness and illness, he asked them to be mentally and physically prepared to face any eventuality.

On sharing the problems and difficulties faced by the medical team, Sema assured them to take up the matter to the concerned department heads for redress.

By EMN Updated: Jul 01, 2020 10:50:21 pm