Dimapur team to file FIR against false allegations on social media against frontline workers
Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Dimapur team to file FIR against false allegations on social media against frontline workers

By EMN Updated: Jun 14, 2020 11:57 pm

Our Reporter

Dimapur, June 14 (EMN): The officials of the quarantine centre at Hollotoli School in Padum Pukhuri will be filing an FIR against the person who alleged on social media, without any proof, that the frontline workers manhandled some inmates in the centre on June 12. This was further confirmed by the in-charge of Dimapur district task force for Covid-19, Y Kikheto Sema and informed that the person in concern who had posted the allegation against those frontline workers at that quarantine centre without any proof has to come forward with an apology for posting misleading allegations, if not they have no other choice but to file an FIR.

‘Enough is enough, when the Dimapur team were trying their best to take care of the returnees, unnecessary problems were created by some of the returnees’, he said. Sema stated that their tolerance should not be interpreted as weakness and added that all the frontline workers were not happy with the behaviours of some returnees for causing unnecessary trouble.

Sema asserted that they have to first justify their intentions for creating such problems and as in-charge of the Dimapur Team he would not allow anyone to mislead the people.

Sema informed that in order to accommodate the new returnees they had directed the returnees to shift the quarantine centre and added that they are still in quarantine since their test results are still not out yet. ‘Moreover,’ he continued, ‘they would be sent to their respective districts only after the government order’.

‘The Dimapur team is working 24/7 without sleeping properly for the cause of humanity but if people without any proof put allegations against the frontline workers, they would not keep silent,’ he said.


By EMN Updated: Jun 14, 2020 11:57:56 pm