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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Dimapur sees significant reduction in accident reports but violations persist

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Dec 27, 2023 9:22 pm
Traffic police halts a four wheeler driver for jumping the signal and driving in the wrong lane. Also a motorist can be seen passing by without helmet
Traffic police halts a four-wheeler driver for jumping the signal and driving in the wrong lane while a motorist can be seen passing by without wearing a helmet.

DIMAPUR — Twenty-seven days after the Dimapur Commissioner of Police issued a traffic regulation order on November 29, covering the period from December 1 to the 31st; there has been a significant decrease in traffic violations, according to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Dimapur.

Notably, there were no reported road accidents on December 25 in Dimapur, Chümoukedima, or Niuland, in contrast to previous years, the official told Eastern Mirror on Wednesday.

Earlier on November 29, the Commissioner of Police had imposed speed limits on National Highway-29 up to Chümoukedima as well as within the Dimapur city area. There is sufficient ground to restrict the speed of the motor vehicles, the CP’s order stated while citing powers conferred under section 112 (2) of the MV Act, as amended by the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, 2019.

Among others, the CP had also cautioned against parking or stopping at ‘no parking zones’ stating that improperly parked vehicles would be towed away.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) in Dimapur, there has been a commendable 55% reduction in accident reports from January to the present, spanning the three districts, along with a decrease in traffic violations.

“The city traffic police are undertaking a special enforcement drive to prevent traffic violations, rash driving, reckless driving and drunk driving during the holiday season which began on December 20 and will continue to do till the New Year festivity. We have witnessed improvement during the eve of Christmas and Christmas day with no reports of accident related casualty”, the DCP Traffic maintained.

Looking ahead, the DCP Traffic emphasised an upcoming enforcement drive along the NL road in Dimapur, focusing on conscious and responsible parking, as numerous vehicle owners and drivers persist in violating designated parking zones.

“Most people do not understand when new rules are introduced and it takes time for people to comply with the rules introduced or order issued. We want to start the enforcement drive along the NL road after the festive season as we do not want to spoil the festive mood of the shoppers by doing this festive season. Also the area reaches gridlock during the peak hour”, the traffic official said.

Regarding helmet violations, the officer mentioned a significant improvement since the previous year, with motorists now complying by wearing helmets. For juvenile motorists riding below the legal age, the officer explained that juveniles are detained, their parents are summoned to the office to sign a bond, and then they are released.

However, despite these efforts, Eastern Mirror found evidence of continued violations during interviews with traffic police on duty in town areas. Some drivers were still disregarding ‘no parking zones,’ leading to wheel locks on cars and two-wheelers.

While the speed limit compliance in Dimapur was attributed to traffic congestion and lack of space for speeding, violations such as improper parking and jumping signals persists. A traffic police personnel on duty at the Holy Cross junction traffic control room said that drivers were still violating by parking their vehicles at the ‘no parking zones’ forcing them to wheel lock the cars and two-wheelers and jumping signals.

“Although the numbers are comparatively lower than the years when the parking for two-wheeler and four-wheeler was introduced, there are some people who still violate it. Also since the Improvised Traffic Control Systems (ITCS) was introduced, people are getting used to the new system although there are some who jumps the signal,” the traffic personnel said.

During the festive season, a noticeable number of drivers from other districts were observed disregarding ITCS.

In this connection, a traffic police officer on NL road stressed the importance of raising awareness on road safety, not only in Dimapur or Kohima but also in other districts. Such awareness, he said, would help them drive safely wherever they may be.

Further, the DCP of Traffic highlighted ongoing initiatives to instill road safety awareness among students by visiting more than 20 schools and colleges.

This campaign, starting at the grassroots level, aims to make students ambassadors for road safety within their families and friends. The second phase of this campaign is scheduled to begin after the reopening of schools and colleges next year, he added.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Dec 27, 2023 9:22:28 pm
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