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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Dimapur sees improvement in road safety during festive season

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jan 05, 2024 12:14 am
Vehicles ply on the stretch of road at Midland colony towards Dhobinala Police Point, Dimapur. (EM Images)

DIMAPUR — Dimapur, the commercial hub and gateway of Nagaland, known for its notorious traffic jams and road accidents, experienced a significant improvement in road safety during the recent festive season.

Dimapur police, in collaboration with traffic personnel, implemented measures to mitigate road mishaps, leading to no serious accidents or casualties reported in Dimapur municipality area, Chümoukedima, or Niuland during the New Year celebrations.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dimapur, only two minor accidents were reported on December 31 afternoon at Seithekema ‘C’ and 2nd gate in Chümoukedima, with no casualties or injuries.

The DCP credited the enforcement drive to prevent traffic violations, rash driving, and drunk driving during the holiday season, along with the imposition of speed limits, for the positive outcome.

“During the night time, traffic police sought help from the police stations and patrolling party, as traffic police personnel alone cannot oversee traffic violations, especially during the wee hours. Through their assistance, there was significant improvement in controlling and preventing rash driving, reckless driving, and ensuring safety of the public,” the DCP told Eastern Mirror on Thursday.

With Dimapur, Chümoukedima or Niuland witnessing a notable 55% reduction in accident reports in 2023, the DCP acknowledged that public awareness and individual responsibility for safety contributed to the decline in road accidents.

Public awareness on road safety is crucial to avoid unforeseen fatality and the enforcement drive will continue to be in place, he added.

Solar traffic blinkers saving lives

Addressing the issue of unreliable street lights in Nagaland, which often leaves streets shrouded in darkness at night, the Dimapur traffic department took proactive measures since September 2023. Solar traffic blinkers were strategically installed in 15 accident-prone locations in Dimapur and Chümoukedima to enhance road safety, according to the DCP.

Installed at vulnerable spots like diverging points, unsigned intersections, turns, and blind spots, these solar traffic blinkers serve as a warning to motorists to slow down and prevent accidents. The effectiveness of these solar blinkers in averting road accidents has been noteworthy, the DCP said, highlighting their role in enhancing safety, particularly citing the example of the first solar traffic blinker installed at the Burma Camp turning near the Naariyal Junction in September.

Since the installation of the solar traffic blinkers, there has been no accidents reported from the area, he maintained.   

Earlier on Dec. 27, 2023, the DCP had told this newspaper that from January onwards, there would be an enforcement drive along the NL road in Dimapur to promote conscious and responsible parking as many vehicle owners and drivers continue to violate parking regulations by parking outside designated zones.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jan 05, 2024 12:14:13 am
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