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Dimapur police on vigil for ‘social media’ users posing as ‘media’ persons

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Apr 09, 2020 4:17 pm

Dimapur, April 9 (EMN): Police authorities in Dimapur seem be wary of members of ‘social media’ groups reportedly posing as “media” persons during the lockdown in the city.

Police sources suggest there are reports that certain social media groups are posing as members of the “media.”

Social media is the name for social networking on interactive digital platforms.  

On the afternoon of April 9, a police official overseeing security at an entry point near the Dhobinala in Dimapur requested the IDs of a group of media personnel on their way to work.

The officer alluded to social media users or groups moving about apparently posing as “media” persons.

With allusion to “social media,” the police asked for identity proof from the journalists that they were actually from an actual news organisation.

The entire country is in lockdown as part of measures to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading.

In Nagaland too, only essential services such as the police and security, medical, emergency services, and the Press/media are allowed access.  

Essential food stores open only during specific periods for the public. People have been ordered to stay home during the lockdown.

Media and social media

Earlier during the past recent week, a senior journalist and his team from an English newspaper was stopped by youths at a locality in Dimapur.

The youths requested the journalists to show proof about which “media”—social media or media—they belonged to.  

Some people reportedly are accessing areas during the lockdown on the assertion that they are ‘social media,’ they remarked.

Security personnel on the city beat also had asked the journalists “which” media they might be from.

Later on April 9, this reporter went to the Dimapur check point to get details. The police officer on duty at the commercial area spoke how about the authorities are verifying the identities of people who have permission to access areas.  

The police officer said the personnel ensure that the vehicles are those genuinely exempted by the government.

Likewise, the officer said the police are checking the ID of the people. The officer said there are some people who are ‘taking advantage of the exemption.’

ID the word

In this regard, Dimapur traffic police Deputy Commissioner Jatila Jamir interacted with Eastern Mirror on Thursday. She said there are a considerable number of vehicles with letters of exemption.

There are also people going for medical treatment, she said.

Accordingly, people without valid ID are told to return with it, she said. Some individuals are unable to provide valid documents or ID.

Therefore, they are told to bring it but they usually do not show up, the officer said.

The authorities tell them to provide proof regardless of the excuses they give, Jamir said.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Apr 09, 2020 4:17:55 pm