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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

Dimapur Police issues traffic advisory

By EMN Updated: Apr 12, 2024 10:34 pm

DIMAPUR — In view of the restoration works of the sinking area at 114.100 km right hand side (RHS) along the National Highway 29, near the Dimapur airport junction, the Dimapur Police has issued traffic regulation, which would commence with effect from April 14 at 5 am onwards to April 15 till its completion.

An update from the police stated that the traffic diversion/ restriction are being put into effect for the safety and convenience of road users. The traffic regulations are as follows:

1.            The entire RHS stretch towards Dimapur from the airport traffic point to 3rd Mile traffic point shall be cut off and no vehicle will be allowed to ply on this stretch on NH-29.

2.            The LHS of NH-29, (opposite lane) shall be used as a single lane for vehicles plying towards Chümoukedima as well as for the vehicles travelling towards Dimapur, which shall be diverted at the airport junction. Overtaking is strictly prohibited on this single lane stretch.

3.            No vehicles shall be allowed to be parked from 3rd Mile junction till the airport junction on the LHS of NH-29 (towards Chümoukedima/ Kohima).

4.            All vehicles exiting from Chekiye village main gate may proceed as usual towards Dimapur.

5.            Vehicles coming from Dimapur/ Chümoukedima travelling towards Chekiye village area must take alternative routes (Little Angels Higher Secondary School) or other connecting routes.

6.            Plying of heavy vehicles entering Dimapur from Assam or Kohima/ Chümoukedima/ Other districts will be restricted from 7 am till 9 pm during the restoration works.

7.            Except for school buses and emergency service vehicles, no other heavy vehicles will be allowed to ply on this restricted stretch of NH-29 during the restoration period.

By EMN Updated: Apr 12, 2024 10:34:42 pm
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