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NPF banks on Dimapur for by-election vote as a ‘secular party’

By Mirror Desk Updated: May 25, 2018 12:39 am
TR Zeliang addressing the campaign that was conducted for the NPF’s candidate

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Dimapur, May 24: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) party banked on Dimapur to woo voters which constitute nearly 2 lakh voters and can influence the outcome of the result as the party leaders’ asserted “Dimapur district will be a game changer” and the party will ‘make history from Dimapur’, and ‘the view of Dimapur will be heard’.
The NPF party was addressing at the Lok Sabha by-election campaign rally in favour of the party candidate C Apok Jamir on Thur. May 24 at DDSC Golaghat road in Dimapur.
Jamir set the note as he addressed that NPF as a regional party have always stood by the interest and stand of Naga issue. ‘The ruling party is talking big about change and assuring commitment but the duty of a ruling government is to serve the people which are their bounded duty and which is our constitutional right. But our present challenge is to protect our Naga identity’, asserted Jamir.

C Apok Jamir at the DDSC in Dimapur on Thur. May 24.

‘The first and foremost priority and the most important factor which is before us is the early settlement of Naga political problem. NPF party has continuously supported and has been an active facilitator in accelerating the process and have been the mediator. The party is going to ensure that we do not leave any stone unturned and it is our bounded duty that we take this challenge’, he assured in Dimapur campaign rally.
It has been more than 50 years and our biggest confrontation and challenge is to protect our Naga identity, religion protection, uphold secularism and go against any communal forces which is going to threaten the fabric of our existence, continued Jamir.
Terming Lok Sabha ‘not an ordinary election’, he said it was time to create history and wooed Dimapur voters while conveying: “Today is a testing time for Nagaland and for those who love democracy and on 28 May we have to make a commitment. I will be representing the party and the state in the assembly and it is through the strength of the people that I will represent Nagaland.”
Leader of NPF legislature party TR Zeliang taunted the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) as a ‘cocktail party’ with no Naga identity. Also he ridiculed the globe symbol of NDPP as an ‘adulterated symbol’ and questioned if they can carry the globe symbol.
“NPF is the real regional party of the state and the party never shy away from its policies, programs, and slogans; to resolve Naga political issue is the topmost priority of NPF” affirmed Zeliang.
The leader of the opposition party continued his attack on NDPP as he berated that when NPF and BJP were in coalition, BJP could not dictate NPF but the NDPP are allowing BJP to dictate. “If they (NDPP) say NPF are liars than they are cheaters of Naga people”, rebuked Zeliang.
Zeliang condemned that Nagaland is in early Lok Sabha election because of one person who have wasted four months of his time by vacating the Lok Sabha MP seat and because of which Nagas’ are at great loss. Rio does not have good relation in the Centre and that is why he did not get any seat.
Having criticised NDPP style of functioning and People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) ‘common minimum program’, Zeliang said the only brave step that the party has taken was seat sharing with the BJP. He also alleged that NDPP although wanted election to be held against the resolution passed on Jan. 29 for ‘no solution before election’, their commitment with Naga solution was just in words that time.
“I personally trust and have confidence that NPF has taken the right decision at the right time that Apok Jamir will be the ambassador of Nagaland and Naga people unlike the previous MP and he has accepted the great challenge to serve the people”, affirmed Zeliang while proclaiming ‘table will turn in favour of us’.
MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu in his address was confident that the NPF party will lead in six districts with Dimapur as the deciding factor. Also Neinu was self-assured as he remarked “if God’s will we will be taking over the government shortly within this year”.
Neinu alleged that the PDA government was practising provocative statements when they should be highlighting development for our state.
Emphasising on the power of a vote, he said: “we do not realise how powerful and valuable our single vote is. We must exercise our franchise to vote for the right person and candidate. If we vote for the wrong candidate and party, our future will be at bleak.”
The working president of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Nagaland Akavi N Zhimomi officially announced during the campaign that as a secular party and force the AAP Nagaland was extending its unconditional support to the NPF candidate for the Lok Sabha by-election.

By Mirror Desk Updated: May 25, 2018 12:39:42 am