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Dimapur deserves efficient officers for better Nagaland: Rev Luoliehu

By EMN Updated: Oct 14, 2014 1:35 am

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The need to have better and efficient government officers in the commercial city Dimapur was voiced today by Rev Luoliehu Yimsung, founder of Leaders Arise Nagaland (LAN).  “Dimapur deserves the best officers as survival and success of the state depends on this city which is the heart and epicenter of the state. If anything wrong happens here, it affects the whole state,” Rev. Luoliehu said while addressing a host of administrative officials during the Leadership motivational seminar held at DC conference hall, Dimapur today.
“Culturally and spiritually, Dimapur can be regarded as the capital of Nagaland because people from all over the world are settled here,” Rev. Yimsung said adding that integrity should be the top priority of the city.
He further dwelt in explaining his thoughts on a person’s attitude and how it determines his life. To this, he said “We cannot choose for how many years we want to live but we can choose how we want to live with a right attitude. We cannot control the negative atmosphere of the world but we can control the atmosphere of our mind.”
Calling upon leaders attending the seminar to choose their inner circle wisely, he remarked that the inner circle of a person goes to the extent of determining one’s expectation – either breaking or making an individual.
Conveying displeasure over the emotions of human beings, he expressed his wish for every individual to show and use their emotions at the right time. As a leader, he asked for the gathering to show their emotions for their people at the right time.
Regarding corruption to be a disease spread all over the world, he viewed that with proper time management, this disease can be done away with. Pointing out that Nagaland has a big issue with time management with leaders as the ring leader misusing time management; he rightly tagged offices in Nagaland to be lifeless and lagging behind.
Commissioner of Excise, Maongwati Aier who chaired the leadership motivational seminar, remarked that a leader without follower is nothing so one should develop relations and maintain character with track record throughout one’s own experience.
Aier also lamented that Dimapur leaders are found to be lacking behind in various activities and the spirit of excellence missing among the people of Nagaland. He therefore called for a collective restructuring for a better Dimapur which represents the whole of India.
The seminar was attended by Dimapur Deputy Commissioner, Wezope Kenye, various heads of departments of DC office, Dobashis and GBs.
Later talking to media persons at a press conference, Rev. Luoliehu Yimsung informed that LAN ministry will be officially launched at Hotel Vivor on October 12 with Chief Minister, TR Zeliang as the chief guest and to be attended by leaders of various organizations.
He further made known that that starting from 2015 – ‘Leaders festival’, a festival aimed at building strong leaders in Nagaland will be organized with participation from Naga leaders representing various organizations. “We will aim to make this festival an annual event,” he added.

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