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Dimapur councils set up filter for illegal immigrants

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2016 12:41 am

Dimapur, June 4 : Community councils in urban Dimapur have iterated that residential certificates would not be issued to ‘non-locals’ without authentication from their ‘place of origins.’ The Dimapur Urban Councils’ Chairmen Federation (DUCCF) issued a notice on Friday stating that the measure was the check suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from procuring any legal documents.

Colony leaders who issue certificates to illegal immigrants will face penalties, the group has warned.

“The DUCCF once again remind all the colonies chairman and councils under the municipal wards area of Dimapur district (74 colonies) to adhere to the DUCCF general meeting resolution which was adopted on 24th June 2015. It was resolved that DUCCF will not issue any NOC and residential certificates to non- locals without proper authentication of their place of origins,” the notice stated.

“Non-locals from mainland India must produce proper and valid documents of their Indian citizenship in order to get any NOC from the colony chairman. This resolution was adopted specifically to check the suspected illegal Bangladeshis immigrants from procuring any legal documents,” the community leaders stated.

The DUCCF has cautioned members against issuing colony certificates to suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

“If any colony chairman violates this resolution DUCCF will take action and the same certificate will be cancelled.”

The DUCCF has also appealed to the Dimapur district administration, the ADHAAR authorities, Dimapur Municipal Council, and agencies issuing birth certificates, and the DTO and banks, not to entertain any certificates issued by colonies which suspected illegal Bangladeshis immigrants might produce.
The reason, the council stated, was because there had been instances of fake certificates “being sold and circulated.”
The organization has urged said departments, agencies and community organizations to contact the DUCCF for verification of all residential certificates produced by suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. They may contact the number 9862660296, the note added.

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2016 12:41:39 am