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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls off ‘indefinite shutter down’

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Apr 29, 2024 8:05 pm
Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry
DCCI executives and others addressing a press conference at Hotel Saramati on Monday. (EM Images)

DIMAPUR — Following a positive response from the government of Nagaland, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has decided to call off the shutter down strike, allowing businesses to reopen from April 30.

The decision was announced during a press conference held at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur, on Monday.

DCCI president Akashe Zhimomi and vice president V Shikuto Sema told journalists that the chief minister, following a cabinet meeting, addressed the DCCI’s concerns in a written letter and assured the deployment of additional security personnel in Dimapur.

While acknowledging that the government has not fully met their demands, the DCCI deemed the response sufficient to suspend the strike for now. “We will continue to monitor,” it added.

The DCCI expressed gratitude to the government for taking their grievances seriously and also apologised to the public for any inconvenience caused by the shutter down.

It also emphasised that the protest aimed to addressing the issue of multiple taxations and was not directed against any specific party or individual.

The DCCI officials confirmed that they have informed the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) and other districts about their decision, urging them to follow suit and lift the shutter down strike in their respective areas.

Regarding the issue of multiple taxations imposed not only by the Naga political groups (NPGs) but also by various agencies and unions, the trading body revealed that they have engaged in discussions with the government. They proposed that any union affiliated with the DCCI found involved in extortion should face penalties and such unions should be “dissolved because the DCCI will not support such behaviour”.

Further, it said that traders cannot be blamed for not reporting incidents or providing evidence and speaking up for themselves after being harassed by ‘tax collectors,’ because they “fear for their lives”.

Cautions against price inflation

Meanwhile, the DCCI cautioned traders against exploiting the situation by charging inflated prices in the name of the shutter down, and urged the public to report any instances of price gouging, assuring that action would be taken against such traders.

“DCCI will take action and also the government should also take action against such traders,” it asserted.

The business body clarified that item prices are determined by the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) and the Deputy Commissioner, with their involvement limited to specific instances.

It also emphasised the importance of consumer awareness and encouraged the public to refuse to pay prices exceeding the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). For perishable items, consumers were advised to adhere to the rates set by the DMC and to assert their rights.

Furthermore, it underscored the need for consumers to promptly report complaints to the appropriate authorities rather than taking photographs to ‘make it viral’ on social media.

Consumers need to come forward so that actions can be taken against the defaulters, it said.

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By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Apr 29, 2024 8:05:59 pm
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