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Dimapur bandh has exhibited Cong’s sabotaging attitude: NPF

By EMN Updated: Dec 04, 2013 11:55 pm

Dimapur, December 4

The Dimapur bandh called by NPCC on December 3 has elaborately exhibited the negative and sabotaging attitude of the Congress leaders in Nagaland and the NPCC to all sections of the Naga people, tourists and foreigners.
The bandh caused entire business community of the commercial hub loss of one whole day of business transactions during the peak festive season, the NPF in a release issued by its Press & Media Bureau said today. Others who were adversely affected were families and guests of those who had weddings, school and college students who had crucial exams, and thousands of local, domestic and international tourists whose travel plans and schedules got adversely disrupted, it said.
“For tourists, it would have been a harrowing experience as they would have planned for the whole year to holiday in Nagaland but the Congress imposed bandh played the worst spoilsport. Likewise Naga families plan weddings and make preparations months in advance and students prepare for the whole year for exams,” the party said.
Noting that the bandh hampered, most importantly, the smooth flow of Hornbill Festival, the NPF said the NPCC has obviously failed to realise that the Hornbill Festival is the property of all Nagas, especially the youth, and their endeavours have been negatively impacted.
“This gesture of the Congress reflects the vision and leadership qualities of its leaders. It is such vision and such attitude which has landed the Congress in its present state of affairs,” the NPF said.
Also, pointing out that the Congress was handed the most embarrassing defeat in the 2013 elections when it won just eight seats in the House of 60, the NPF said bandh is such a culture which is alien to the Naga people but it is guiding the Congress today.
The Congress leaders have forgotten that they are supposed to be representing the people and taking up issues related to the progress of the people, the ruling party lamented.
“But they are only concerned in pleasing their masters and high command in Delhi. Their gestures are negatively impacting the progress and development of the Naga people, particularly the youth, much to the happiness of our adversaries,” the release said.
“These are the very reasons why the NPF says that the Congress leaders in Nagaland are agents of outsiders and following the alien culture of high command and sycophancy politics. Let the people and the youth of Nagaland judge them,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Dec 04, 2013 11:55:27 pm