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Dimapur admin reins in blatant auto fares

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2015 11:06 pm

• RTA bans permits for new autos
• Autos told to display fare chart to passengers
• Huge relief for Dimapur’s thousands of commuters
• 15% concessions for uniformed students

Dimapur, February 4

After what seemed a long slumber, the Regional Transport Authority and the Dimapur district administration has finally put a check on the blatant, unchecked and often exorbitant fares charged by auto rickshaws in Dimapur. In a move that would be welcomed by almost any citizen who has used Dimapur’s notorious auto rickshaws, the Dimapur district administration issued an order on Wednesday listing out the reduced fares.The order of the Dimapur administration will bring much relief to the public in Dimapur who have been enduring the wanton charges of the city’s most visible public transport services. Unorganized public transports services such as the auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws have been functioning uncheck for years.
Auto rickshaws fares in the commercial city of Nagaland have been functioning almost unchecked that drivers charge any figures they deem. The most common reasons for charging illegal fares include rise in fuel prices (fuel prices have been dropping drastically since the first transport fares in the state were revised in the past few years), poor roads conditions, and times of day / night, and even reasons of law and order.
Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Wezope Kenye, issued the much-needed order on February 4 and has ordered strict compliance. The order included a lengthy list of the revised fare to-and-fro various areas within the town.
Further, in another encouraging development, the deputy commissioner – also chairman of the Regional transport Authority, has stated that no new permits would be given to any new auto rickshaws as the problem of congestion and traffic has begin to trouble the administration of the city.
“The auto rickshaw fares in and around Dimapur are hereby revised… The existing auto rickshaw fare has been dropped owing to the huge marginal decrease in fuel cost of both petrol and diesel driven vehicles. Hence, until such time that there is an increase in fuel prices by a remarkable margin, the new fare displayed below will be in force,” the Regional Transport Authority stated.
Every auto rickshaw driver is ordered to display a copy of the revised fare chart in their vehicles for the public.
“The town trip is hereby fixed at Rs. 30, and the night fare will be double the rate for that particular route from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am. For school students in uniform there will be a concession of 15% and for physically challenged persons, there will be a concession of 25%, from the actual fare. Non-compliance of the order will be strictly dealt with as per the provisions of the law,” the government stated.
In another matter related to transport, the Regional Transport Authority has informed to have set up a committee to take a ‘critical survey’ of the traffic problem occurring frequently within the city. The committee will be finding ‘better ways’ to improve the situation, the administration stated.
“Until such time the committee submits the report, no new applications for registration of auto rickshaws will be entertained. The revised fare will come into force with immediate effect,” the administration stated, directing strict compliance.

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2015 11:06:48 pm