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Dilution of traditional values

By EMN Updated: Aug 08, 2013 11:13 pm

Supong Ao


Every tribal society has some intrinsic values and morals as a code of ethics, followed down through generations. Though gruesome, even in the head hunting days, strict moral code of conducts were followed even in feats of valour. Friends and enemies alike were respected. The unwritten codes of ethics were followed by one and all with a religious zeal. This helped keep the society and the village in order. These practices and laws, though much of it has become irrelevant now, were founded under the wisdoms that have evolved and refined overtime, suited to the betterment of all.Modernization and interaction with other cultures have helped us appreciate and embrace many of the good values in other societies too. We are no longer isolated from the rest of the world traditionally, physically and politically. Our attitudes and philosophies too are changing in keeping pace with the changing times. Our boundaries have expanded and are open to many of the outside influences, both good and bad. Over the last few decades there has been a sea change in the dynamics of our society. Much advancement has been made in strides in all fields putting us on an even keel with the rest of the world. Likewise we have also seen the erosion of our moral values too.
This has brought us down to a lower level of ethical consciousness, with less conscience on upholding our moral responsibilities, which separates human from animals.
God has given us the ability to differentiate between evil and good, and a free will to choose either, in any given situation. Whichever way one chooses to act, have a cascading effect. Man by nature have a tendency to see and learn what another person does and acts. We all have learnt our actions, habits and practices from our elders, close associates and people we have come into contact with. We have heard of past traditions of head hunting era. Skills on salvaging the head of an enemy were imparted and were the norms of the day. People lived in fear. Modernity and advancement have taught us at bettering those skills, with more precision and effectiveness. Deploying of sophisticated weapon and its easy availability has made our society no more secure than it was during those head hunting days. We have to live with what we teach the younger generation now, in days to come. Days are not far when the barrels that we hold today will be turned on us tomorrow, as it is a way the youngsters have been exposed to and have been brought up in.
A few decades back, horrendous crimes like rapes and murders were hardly heard of. We took pride in protecting our loved ones, womenfolk and the less fortunate. Unfortunately, these values seem to be fast losing ground. Statistics on crime scenes needs an in-depth analysis which has undoubtedly increased over the last few decades. Has it got something to do with our porous borders and the influence of people from across the international borders that have been raised in an upbringing and culture different from ours? We learn the actions of others fast whatever desirable or undesirable traits the other possesses. That’s a human tendency. Cases like rape and murder have been alien to us and have never been taught to us by our elders.
Then somewhere down the line, during the few decades past, a dilution of our moral consciousness have seeped in and has resulted into what we are painfully experiencing now. One needs to dig into the eye of the storm and destroy the rut at its base to prevent further pain.
Water in a pool can be kept clean only when the sludge is stopped from entering it. We feel the pinch only when it enters our home and families, affecting us or one of our loved ones. By then the deeds have been done and the damages made. It would be of help if an in-depth analysis of crime graph is done by deploying of researchers in the field of criminology to study the nature and events leading to its increase. This will give us a clear picture of what, where and how things have gone wrong, enabling us to take remedial steps.

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