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Dilong Youth Association stunned the prominent team Shitilong

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2015 11:32 pm

Our Correspondent
Mokokchung, October 9

The new entry Dilong Youth Association stunned the prominent team Shitilong S/A ending the match with a draw; while Temjenmeren hat trick contribution landed shooting starz F/C to defeated Zonipang S/A by 5-2 and Lumami seal away his hope to enter the quarter after Y/A Merapkong suffered another loss at XXI MDFA trophy on Friday.
Shitilong S/A missed a penalty kick on second half leading the newcomer gripped the opportunity for a draw in the first match today.
Dwelling on the wit mud both the team bestowed a tough fight to settle its score but both the teams could not destabilized the others defense line. Later on 27 minutes Opanglemzung jersey 17 mid fielder of Shitilong received a yellow card for unsporting behavior.
Entering second half Shitilong controlled much of the game, but a hugely impressive, disciplined display by the newcomer kept them scoreless, leading to another yellow card for Arennungsang of Shitilong in 49 minutes.
Shitilong got nine direct free kicks during the whole match but could not make an impression but were rather awarded two cards in their first match.
The second match landed the referee into a tough situation since the fogged weather consumes the whole match. The Shooting Starz wrestle through the sticky and wet mud and proclaimed its first triumph 5-2 over Zonipang S/A.
Due to bad weather and lack of visibility it was fortunate for Zonipang that Shooting Starz netted two goals on their own net in the second half, while the opponent also netted one goal on their own net in the last minutes of extra time.
The first goal for Shooting star came from its striker boots Temjenmeren jersey 7 in four minutes and second goal was nailed by Bendangmoa jersey 6 in 25 minutes. Entering the quarter of the first half few clear chances followed for Zonipang but could open the scoring due to fogged weather.
The Zonipang defences were in troubled in second half when Temjenmeren again penetrated and score his second goal making the opponents loss it’s position. Zonipang failed to make the most its opening though the ball supply from the midfield was satisfactory. But opportunity struck Zonipang as Shooting Starz netted two shoots in their own net in 49 and 65 minutes to due to miss communication and lack of visibility.
Entering the last minutes of the second half Temjenmeren got another opportunity in the 70 minutes and completed his hat- trick, while another goal was added when Zonipang netted its own net.
Nonetheless, Tongpang jersey 17 of Shooting Starz and Rongsenchiba of Zonipang were awarded caution.
In the third match Merepkong XI loss to NU Lumami by 2-1; this will be their second loss in the tournament. The defeat of Merepkong XI today and first triumph of 2-0 over Elation S/A on October 06 have landed NU Lummi to get their clear window for quarter final. The score for Lumami came from Paumgaying jersey 9 in the eleventh minutes. However it was equalized by Yashimeren jersey of Merepkong XI on 36 minutes. The last goal for Nu Lumami was netted by Watimeren jersey 11 on 62 minutes.

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2015 11:32:31 pm