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Digi-Buzz: Pokémon Go

By EMN Updated: Jul 12, 2016 4:19 pm

Its here! Yes, Pokémon Go is here! And right on time, wouldn’t you agree? Since my favorite event in Kohima “NAJ Cosfest” just ended. There was so much anticipation and expectation for this game by fans that when it got released in some countries, fans tore their heads out when they could not find it in their country. Sadly, it is not available in India yet! But I have it in my phone already {evil laugh soundbite}, and I’m going to show you how to get it in yours as well at the end.
So, what is it like playing this game? In short, you have to go out in the real world! Like literally take your body off that comfy chair and use your legs to take you outside your house – something which seems foreign to me. But once you leave your house, you will find creatures in odd places around town.
Initially, after you install the game, you will get to choose your own name and customize your avatar but we don’t get much option other than choosing a male or female and a very limited color choice. I wish they gave us the option to create any kind of character like most other games by changing our face, hair, clothing and more but hopefully we will get those options in later updates. Once you have finished creating your avatar, you will see your current GPS location in the map. And as you walk around, the avatar walks as well.
Like I said before, this game requires you to go outside. So I took a walk from my house, while staring at the phone, hoping to find pokémon somewhere but I could not find any of them near my location! Then I decided to drive and I kept my phone on the dashboard with the screen on and after reaching the “Jail Colony” area which is a little more than a kilometer from where I live, I saw activity on the phone – A pokémon has been Spotted! So I parked the car and very casually came out, holding my phone and searching for that pokémon. I finally found it in a corner near a trash area and went into battle mode!
Now, here is how battles are fought – You use your phone’s camera to see the pokémon and since it uses augmented reality, the pokémon will stay in place as you move your camera around. You can catch it by tossing a Poké Ball at it. To toss the Ball, you just fling your fingers across the screen toward the pokémon and try to hit it. After you catch it, you will be able to see it in your collection and the more you catch it, the more your level will go up. But here is the catch, it is still not released in India and so most of the features are still missing such as PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms which are supposed to be places where you can gain supremacy or special items. Moreover, since we live in Nagaland, even if the game gets released, I highly doubt that these features will be available even after it gets released in India. The only thing we can do right now is to look around for the “random” Pokémon popping up in odd places which can be really hard to find since I have only found one so far! You need to get very lucky to find them out here, I guess pokémon creatures are scared of Nagas due to our eating habits lol!
I hope this game work well after it gets released in India, and most of all, I hope it works in Nagaland but if you are a fan and would like to catch the rare pokémon now, you can start playing the game today!
Please note that this is currently only possible in Android, unless you have done a jailbreak on your iPhone. So, all you need to do on your android device is search google for “Pokémon Go apk” and several sites will be listed, click on the first one which will probably be from apkmirror.com and download the “.apk” file to your phone and install it to your device. If you get an error saying that it cannot be installed, go to your Settings>Security and make sure that toggle saying “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” is switched on and try again. The installation will go smoothly and you should be up and running in no time.

By EMN Updated: Jul 12, 2016 4:19:43 pm