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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dhansiri-Kohima rail line project: Works on Tunnel No.7 kicks off at Tsiepama

By EMN Updated: Feb 20, 2024 10:37 pm
Tunnel No 7
Abhinav Shivam inaugurating the construction of single Line BG Tunnel No. 7 at Tsiepama village in Chümoukedima on Tuesday. (DIPR)

DIMAPUR — Work on Tunnel No. 7 along the Dhansiri-Kohima New Line railway project commenced with Deputy Commissioner of Chümoukedima, Abhinav Shivam, inaugurating the excavation works at Portal 1 in Tsiepama village on Tuesday.

The tunnel, spanning 6,610 metres, is the longest in Phase III of the Dhansiri-Kohima New Line project connecting Nagaland to Manipur.

According to a DIPR update, the project had been facing substantial setbacks in Tsiepama village since 2021, significantly halting its progress. However, works resumed after DC Shivam held numerous dialogues and meetings with the villagers in connection with the project.

“The resolution of the deadlock at Tunnel No. 7 was instrumental in advancing the ambitious endeavour of linking Nagaland with Manipur and beyond. The project entails a total length of 82.5 kilometres, with 8 new stations including Dhansiri, Dhansiripar, Shokhuvi, Molvom, Pherima, Piphema, Menguzuma, and Zubza. Additionally, it encompasses 24 major bridges, 156 minor bridges, 6 road over bridges, 15 road under bridges, and 21 tunnels covering 31 kilometres,” the update stated.

Once completed, the project is poised to revolutionise the transport sector, enabling efficient movement of essential commodities such as food grains, automobiles, and various infrastructure and construction items to Nagaland at a significantly reduced cost, thereby bolstering the state’s economy and benefiting the local population, it said.

Meanwhile, the DC is said to have expressed gratitude to the SDO (C)  of Chümoukedima, the Tsiepama Village Council chairman and railway officials, who also were present at the inaugural site, for their unwavering commitment and proactive efforts towards the success of the project.

He described Tsiepama village as a beacon of collaboration and engagement, demonstrating that even the most intricate challenges can be surmounted for the development of Nagaland, the update stated

By EMN Updated: Feb 20, 2024 10:37:31 pm
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