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Detox camp in Chümoukedima helps nine on recovery path

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Nov 12, 2023 9:51 pm
Detox camp in Chümoukedima helps nine on recovery path
Tsuknungwati Jamir speaking during the programme on Sunday at ARTC in Chümukedima. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — The 10-day detox and rehabilitation camp on the theme ‘I can do all things through Him who gives me strength (Phillipines 4:13)’, jointly organised by Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation (DAYO) and co-sponsored by the office of the commandant, Assam Rifles Training Centre (ARTC), concluded on Sunday at ARTC in Chümoukedima.

During the camp, nine individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction participated in the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Programme (CARP).

CARP is a structured, multi-phase programme designed to support individuals struggling with addiction on their path to recovery. It encompasses detoxification, counselling, spiritual support, mentorship, and community engagement, providing a holistic approach to addiction recovery.

The initiative, according to camp coordinator I Abenjang, aimed to address the saturation of rehabilitation centres as a result of the state’s alarming rise in substance use. Abenjang, a counsellor at Shalom Rehabilitation Centre, Chümoukedima, claimed that presently, there are one or two substance users in every household, as determined through thorough door-to-door inspections.

He emphasised the pressing need for such camps as rehabilitation centres face overflows, forcing users to endure one to two months of waiting for admission. Due to a lack of vacancies, Abenjang highlighted, people are even willing to sleep on centre floors.

He said that organising a camp for a group of ten people would cost at least INR 3 to 4 lakh.

While the first batch of nine participants, including four drug users and five alcoholics, completed the programme, Abenjang revealed plans to conduct similar camps in the future.

Closely monitored by counsellors, including a doctor and nurse, some recovering addicts were directed to other rehabilitation centres, while others opted for a spiritual awakening programme based on their needs.

Address root causes of addiction, says Yaden

Moamenla Yaden, chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, Dimapur district, highlighted during the programme the challenges that await the recovering individuals and urged the participants to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who faced temptations after baptism.

She stressed that emotional, mental, and physical temptations would test them post-camp, encouraged participants to seek professional help for any physical or mental issues after detox, and cautioned them about the ease of falling back into old habits.

Expressing awareness of their struggles, she asked them to resist temptation and stand against the adversities they might encounter.

In a message to parents, Yaden acknowledged their role as carers and urged them to consider the root causes of their children’s or siblings’ addiction. She emphasised the need to spend quality time with them, engage in honest conversations, and avoid discarding individuals struggling with addiction.

Yaden reminded everyone of the importance of providing emotional support to the addicts, underscoring the significance of considering each human being as valuable. She also encouraged all to pursue and develop skills that could contribute to their personal growth and well-being.

Abenjang informed Eastern Mirror how youngsters fall into the trap of drug use through social media contacts and pointed out the risk of relapse due to mobile addiction when not guided properly by parents.

On the occasion, Colonel Tsuknungwati Jamir, Commanding Officer of No. 2 Training Battalion, ARTC and School, told the recovering individuals that their true challenge would commence once they crossed the centre’s gate.

The officer further pledged to continue dedicating his best efforts in the days ahead for the benefit of society.

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By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Nov 12, 2023 9:51:50 pm
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