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Deo launches Eduyearbook 2013

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2013 12:17 am


PARLIAMENTARY secretary for Higher Education & SCERT Nagaland, Deo Nukhu launched Career Track Eduyearbook 2013 in the state capital today.
Eduyearbook is an annual career resource book for students, counsellors, academicians, libraries and other relevant audiences mainly of the north east India. The first edition Eduyearbook 2012 saw three reprints due to market demand and government orders for schools and colleges. It was also nominated in India Education Awards 2012-13 in the category of best education sector publication. This year’s edition has been prepared under the academic guidance of Prof.Umesh Deka, Dean, faculty of fine arts of Gauhati University and Chandan Kr. Goswami, head of the department of Communications & Journalism, Gauhati University. Speaking during the launch of the book in the premises of Kohima Press Club, Deo Nukhu said that Nagas have extensive potential in various fields, but they are restrained by lack of proper guidance and information system and often end up taking the “wrong track”. He expressed hope that Career Track Eduyearbook 2013 will be beneficial for many young Nagas.
“We are gifted in many ways but we are still far behind in academic performances,” Nukhu said, adding, “A book such as this will give insight and guidance to young students, especially those in the higher secondary levels.”
He lauded Career Track team on taking positive steps in promoting such noble and needed initiatives. He further invited the team to open their career diagnosis centre, Career CliniQ, in Kohima, assuring that the infrastructure will be provided from the government’s side.
Speaking on the occasion, Career Track team member, Jasmine said Eduyearbook 2013 is a compilation of career information contributed both by national and international career practitioners. Stating that the book is recommended by the education department for all school and college libraries of Assam and Manipur, she also invited the education department of Nagaland for the same. “We we are willing to offer the book to the local state government at a subsidized rate so that they can purchase it in bulk and make it available all across the state for the benefit of the students,” she said. Career Track team assured that the book, which has been released in all the NE states, will be beneficial for students of classes 10 and above. Jasmine, who is also an academician herself, said that students from NE states lack information when it comes to making career choices. “Right to Education has no sense if it is not accompanied by right to career information and Career Track Yearbook is our humble step towards that direction,” she asserted. She also mentioned that it was that it was through the initiative of C.M. Chang, minister of School Education, that the launch of Career Track in the state is made possible.

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2013 12:17:40 am