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Denial of the truth is the cause of prolonged problems

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Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he anniversary of 50th year of statehood was celebrated. It was in 1959, the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) held its final session at Mokokchung and the 16-Points Agreement was drafted and put to vote. A document written by an office bearer said that the resolution was passed by voice vote. It is not true. It was not voice vote but by standing up vote and I was the single delegate who stood up against the resolution.The agreement made with the GOI was totally exclusive of underground people and it was considered as a killing agreement in the aspect of the National Movement. As a matter of fact, it is a killing of the aspirations of the people but it did not stand in the way of political talks with the Government of India (GoI). In a similar way. the UNC has to do anything constitutionally towards upgrading their political status like the inhabitants of the Nagaland State.
The Lord said, “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.” Our people come to know the truth but the truth is denied and refused to be admitted which causes unnecessary problems. We do not want childish slogans such as sovereignty, unity or unification without giving any concretized ideas or road map for unity or solution. By now the Nagas should rise above superfluous game of seeking prestige but we need reality and being realistic.
Now it is observed that the reconciliation of the different political groups is proved to be unrealistic. It is not deeper than their exhibition of reconciliation through playing football games. True spirit of reconciliation is, “We forgive one another for the past fratricidal activities upon one another and we regret one another’s failure and appreciate one another’s success or achievement.” It is the modality of reconciliation.
If the Shillong Accord is to be blamed, I have to be the first man to blame the Accordists because in 1974 I wrote letters to Zashei Huire, Biseto M Keyho and Keviyallay not to cause the Federal Government to surrender and to avoid it, let the undergrounds come out individually. In 1975 the Accord was signed but I did not blame them because during that time it was as if sun shine was never seen even a day.
But some of the leaders were liars and even now some ones tell lie saying that no accord was made etc. if they say, “We have done what we do not want to do because the situation compelled us to do,” rather their difficulty would be appreciated. To me when the accord was signed it included me and every Naga is included except the NSCN (both) because they registered their protest by forming the NSCN.
When the Ceasefire agreement between the GOI and the NSCN (IM) was signed and talks started at the highest level on the same footing with that of 1964, the Shillong Accord was gone and superseded. Both the NSCNs need not waste their time blaming or opposing it because it did not stand in the way of political talk between the GOI and the Nagas. But NSCNs keep on blaming the Shillong Accord. Rationally speaking, the NSCN (IM) won the credit in resuming the talks basing on 1964 talk.
Now how many factions there are, all made an agreement to be reconciled under the aegis of FNR and even proceeded to form a National government but failed. Now the gap between them is getting wider. To be one they have to admit the truth. The truth of the Shillong Accord should be admitted and the truth of the ceasefire agreement in term of the constitution of India also is to be admitted but no more no one is to be blamed.
The unity of the factions should be in support of the ongoing political talk. Accept the truth as the truth, admit the failure and appreciate the success is the only way of solution. Denial of the truth will cause self to continue to suffer and the people to suffer long.
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