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Dengue outbreak declared epidemic in Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Sep 19, 2023 8:27 pm
Monthly meeting of the Dimapur district planning and development board — the house has resolved to tackle the dengue situation collectively instead of leaving the onus with the Health department alone
Moatoshi Longkumer addressing the DPDB members during its monthly meeting in the DC’s office conference hall in Dimapur on Tuesday.

DIMAPUR — With the rising number of dengue cases in Dimapur district, the Medical department on Tuesday declared the vector borne disease outbreak into an epidemic.

This was disclosed by the medical superintendent of Dimapur during the monthly meeting of the Dimapur district planning and development board (DPDB) held in the conference hall of the deputy commissioner’s office. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the advisor of Labour and Employment, Skill Development and Excise and chairman of Dimapur DPDB, Moatoshi Longkumer.

Following the disclosure, a DIPR report stated that the house has resolved to tackle the dengue situation collectively instead of leaving the onus with the Health department alone.

It stated that advisors Moatoshi Longkumer and Hekani Jakhalu have felt the need for immediate remedial measures for controlling the breeding ground of the mosquitoes. It added that the deputy commissioner of Dimapur, medical superintendent and medical department were entrusted with the responsibility for convening a meeting with all the council members and teachers under Dimapur district for addressing the dengue issue.

On the issue of blood shortage, the members have agreed to participate in the blood donation drive on Saturday (September 23) for which the MS of Dimapur was entrusted for coordinating with other officers.

Report also stated that the issue on urgent need of a blood separator would be taken up by the advisors to the concerned authority. It added that the proposal has already been flagged and put up to the higher authority by MS office.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kavito informed that the district task force has held awareness meetings and deliberated on source reduction but regretted that it was not working. He added that door-to-door campaign is being carried out presently and covered more than 2000 houses.

While emphasising on necessity of community participation, he called upon the citizens to come forward in tackling dengue. He added that without community participation, it would be difficult to control the mosquito population.

With regard to the flood situation at Dimapur, revenue officer (RO) of Dimapur informed that 29 locations require attention as per the field report. The report pointed out that out of the 29 sites identified, 13 locations require eviction as the drainage systems are being affected due to structural factor.

The RO was of the opinion that the way forward would be cleaning the blocked drainages, increasing the size of narrow culverts and eviction.

Towards this, the DC and RO were entrusted to bring out the list and to immediately issue notice for removing of the structures hampering the drainage systems.

During the meeting, Longkumer has dubbed Dimapur as the business hub and expressed that none should be allowed to monopolise any kind of business.

“Let every Naga/ individual earn their livelihood without being dictated by anyone,” he said.

Meawhile, Jakhalu has appreciated the departments for submitting the monthly progress reports.

The board also reviewed the installation of CCTV cameras in the shops and around Dimapur city. Other agendas discussed included registration of societies and installation of synthetic football turf and related civil works development at State Sport Hostel Training Centre, Dimapur.

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By EMN Updated: Sep 19, 2023 8:27:12 pm
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