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Dengue awareness camp held in Medziphema

By EMN Updated: Sep 14, 2018 11:45 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 14 (EMN): A campaign on dengue fever with free tests and distribution of basic medicines was conducted for Medziphema Block at CHC Medziphema on September 14.

Organised by the women wing of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive party (NDPP) under 5 Ghaspani-II AC, the camp was conducted for at least hundred patients with funds raised through goodwill contributions from members and well-wishers. Doctors and nurses of CHC Medziphema administered necessary check-ups and tests. The programme was attended by leaders from around 23 villages under Medziphema division.

NLA deputy speaker and legislator from the area, Zhaleo Rio, who graced the programme, encouraged the participants to be aware of the disease and stated that “prevention is better than cure.”

“We all know that mosquito is the carrier of the disease, but sadly we seldom care to eradicate them and the source from where they emerge as adult mosquitoes,” he quipped and added that leaders must serve the people by spreading messages to everyone.

He advised that stagnant waters be it in pools, drains, discarded tyres, flower pots etc should be emptied so that mosquitoes cannot lay eggs. Rio also noted that concerned health centres should be well-equipped in order to address such issues which can otherwise cause severe fatalities. He urged everyone to help clean up the surroundings free from stagnant water and requested the department to consider all available measures for treating patients.

Dr. N Sezo, SMO, CHC Medziphema, also made a power point presentation on the fever, its cause, precautions and prevention techniques. He stated that dengue can be stopped from spreading through mosquitoes if people can regularly check stagnant waters or cover open water sources properly.

“Dengue fever, caused by the bites of Aedes mosquito or Tiger mosquito during day time only, consists of different stages and can lead to complications if proper medical care is not taken in time,” he remarked. The CMO also disclosed that drinking of sufficient water by patients is a pre-requisite to keep the body hydrated when dealing with dengue patients.

The programme was chaired by Miathou Krose, chairman of Health Centre Management Committee, CHC Medziphema, while invocation was said by Keviuchülie, pastor of TBCM, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dosau Kuotsu, president of NDPP 5 Ghaspani-II A/C.

Megozomeü Khate, president of NDPP women wing, 5 Ghaspani-II AC, has acknowledged all well-wishers who have contributed generously towards the event as well as doctors and staff of CHC Medziphema for their relentless effort in treatment of the prevailing disease. She concluded that apart from procurement of medical kits and medicines from the free-will contribution, they were able to donate INR 500 each to all eleven patients undergoing treatment at the health centre and finally handed over the surplus amount of INR 8740 to the CMO, Medziphema, to be utilised under poor patients’ fund.

It may also be mentioned that Zhaleo also visited all sections of the health centre, interacted with doctors and nurses besides taking assessment of the infrastructures available at the centre. Rio later inspected the ongoing construction of City Centre complex in Medziphema town, as well as the newly constructed office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Medziphema division.


By EMN Updated: Sep 14, 2018 11:45:18 pm